By: Sydney Boisselle

What is a atomic bomb?

It is a bomb that attains its destruction from the rapid release of nuclear energy, which is the result of the "splitting" or known as, fission, of the nuclei in heavy elements such as uranium. In the process of this split a great amount of thermal energy is produced, as well as gamma rays. Gamma rays are biologically hazardous. This reaction creates a chain of reaction and it gets bigger and stronger, the atomic bomb.
During WWII, many people feared that Germany would create an atomic bomb but as scientists got together and learned more about this deadly weapon, it takes massive engineering and many countries didn't have the money or resources for it. People feared Germany and atomic bombs because in early 1939, people found out that there were physicists in Germany that discovered the secret of splitting an uranium atom.

Only the Americans had the advance of building an atomic weapon.... This leads to the Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project

The atomic bomb was a war winning weapon. That's why so many fear the Axis powers would use it. The U.S. Has the amount of resources, money and industries to create the atomic bomb. The Manhattan project was the research project of the Atomic bomb. It was lead by the United States and it took us to the point of building the first atomic bomb and using it in the Second World War.

Pearl Harbor

December 7th of 1941 was a devastating day in the United States. The U.S. was attacked by the naval and air forces of Japan. The attack was intended as a preventive action to keep the U.S. from interfering with military actions. Japan attacks on Phillippians and then a naval base in Hawaii. We were attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes, bombers and torpedo planes. The U.S. had received 8 damaged naval ships and 4 of those that were sunk. We also received 188 destroyed air crafts, 2,403 dead Americans, and 1,178 wounded Americans in result of this. The following day, December 8, 1941 the United States declares war on Japan. Germany and Italy then declare war on the United States December 11, 1941.
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Now that we are in war, our nuclear advantage can be put to use...

Battle of Anzio

In August of 1945 the U.S. drops Atomic weapons on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was the dealiest action of the war....
The nuclear bomb killed 100,000 people immediately. If you weren't killed by the bomb there were deadly affects on your body, years after or days after. You didn't even have to be in the city for it to affect you. Those that could see the bomb without dying were blinded because the radiation and thermal energy caused there retinas to melt. Those that were in this explosion or by it received a radiation dose equivalent to getting thousands of chest x-Rays.
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Our human bodies can only take in so much radiation before it folds. The cells you need to heal die from the radiation poison. It's no different then cancer patients getting radiation and it killing the cancer cells but the only problem with this is its cells they need in order to survive. Once more and more cells begin to die the body's functions begin to stop. Those that were lucky enough to live through this had little chances of living a long time after and if they did it was a life of suffer. Many people received almost every cancer known to man kind after surviving a nuclear experience. It wasn't just one cancer, multiple cancers, at once.

The question that doesn't seem to fade is, Was President Truman correct by making this action without hesitation?

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