Anger Can Steal Your Time

By Mason Cookus

Affects of anger.

Anger can steal your time because if your angry all the time you won't want to to do anything. You will just sit there wasting your own time when you could be doing something way better. Anger can also waste your time because if you get in trouble at school because you were mad you could get a.s.d (After School Detention) and you will be wasting you time for after school activities.

How to not let anger effect you.

Well first if you are ever angry at school you can just go to your teacher and ask to sit in the hallway or go to the bathroom. Don't come back until you feel like you have chilled down. If you are at home just go take a walk in nature. Or even just count to 10 while breathing in then out. Don't let anger waste your time when you can be doing something else way better.