The Red Bird Express

Building Our Future... One Child at a Time

May 9 - 13, 2016

Quote of the Week:

"To get what you've never had, you must do what you've never done. Change comes bearing gifts." ~ Price Pritchett

Redford the Red Bird Award - Rukhsana Hakim

"I would like to nominate Rukhsana Hakim for the Redford the Redbird Award. Rukhsana is kind and caring to everyone around her and always willing to assist anyone in need. When I walk into the FECEP classroom I immediately feel the kid’s happiness and love for Mrs. Rukhsana Hakim which always makes my day feel bright.” ~ Jill Clardy

Happy Birthday This Week!!

May 13 - Yamina Bekkadja

A Special Thank You To...

  • Laura Annett, Melissa Kirkendall Lucia Ortiz, Brandon Rhodes, Vince Wang, and Autumn Sterner for their support with the Look Who Can Soar Awards on Thursday and Friday.
  • Thank you to the PBIS/RC Committee for planning a great and fun event for all the student who achieved all 4's in Life, Work and Citizenship in the third quarter.
  • Leeanne Scribner, Emily Waters, Melanie Maahs, and all the other truly flexible staff members who support the efforts for covering other staff members when substitutes do not show up or there are no subs to be had in the system.
  • Matt Zupan for all his efforts to build community for the students in Ms. Freeland's class. Thanks to Chris Fisher and to Karen Raze for supporting the organization of math and LA instruction to keep the learning moving along.
  • Satonya Dews for all of the organizational prowess that she provides to the Test Coordination in our school.
  • To all the Test Administrators (teachers and proctors) for reading the testing guide THOROUGHLY prior to giving the tests that begin next week.
  • To grade 3-6 teachers for documenting learning that has taken place for students this year in lieu of the SOL tests that are no longer being administered.
  • Joan Houston, Dawn Martinos, and Debbie Skaff for supporting the fun Teacher Appreciation week with their crafty support.
  • Ashley and Renee for their assistance in the interview process seeking a new member of their team.
  • Jessica Michaels and Janet Morgan for supporting a student teacher this semester. Giving back to the profession through sharing your experience and your class.
  • Rukhsana Hakim for her continued support the Cultural Diversity report that she pulls together each year!
  • Special Ed Team for their efforts to support each other when there is a need for an extra hand when staff members need a PD or when students are having a particularly difficult day.
  • 4th Grade Team for the success of the Jamestown Field Trip and support of all the fund raising efforts that made it possible for all students to attend. It was a great experience for everyone.

Looking Ahead...

May 10

  • 6th Grade Panoramic Picture 10:30 - 11:00

May 13

  • FAC Meeting (8:15 - 8:45)

May 16 - 20

  • Educational Bosses Appreciation Week

May 16

  • Kid Talk Meetings (9:25 - 3:50)
  • Safety Patrol Field Trip - (10:00 - 1:00)

May 17

  • Grade 6 Reading SOL Test

May 18

  • Grade 5 Reading SOL Test (Part 1)
  • Interims Due to Karen & Satonya

May 19

  • Grade 5 Reading SOL Test (Part 2)
  • SCA Meeting - Officers & Representatives (1:05 - 1:35)
  • Kindergarten Veterinarian Visit (2:30 - 3:15)

May 20

  • Grade 4 Reading SOL Test
  • Safety Patrol Meeting (3:00 - 3:40)

May 23

  • Grade 3 Reading SOL Test (Part 1)

May 24

  • Interims Go Home
  • Grade 3 Reading SOL Test (Part 2)

May 25

  • Grade 4 Math SOL Test (Part 1)

May 26

  • Grade 4 Math SOL Test (Part 2)

May 30


May 31

  • Grade 5 Math SOL Test (Part 1)

June 1

  • Grade 5 Math SOL Test (Part 2)
  • Grade 5 Advanced Math SOL Test

June 2

  • Grade 3 Math SOL Test

June 3

  • Grade 4 Virginia Studies SOL Test