Scott Luker

Director - Jefferson Challenger League

Scott Luker- The Director of Challenger League Along With PTA Donated Smart Boards To White Rock Elementary School

Scott Luker is the proud director of Challenger League that was formed many years ago, so that special needs children can take part in various fun activities, and can be benefited. The Jefferson Challenger Sports Program was begun by Luker who is a parent of a special needs kid. This program soon prospered to include a number of sports as well as other activities, and it outspread to help in other areas. The Challenger Program joined with the Milton Tri School PTA to donate 2 smart boards to White Rock Elementary School. Luker always tried to help not only special needs children, but also their families in the best possible way. He found out that 2 classrooms in White Rock Elementary School were without smart boards, and thus, he wanted to help the school. He partnered with the president of the PTA, Susan Hannon, and they raised approximately $7000 that were essential to get hands on and to install 2 boards.

Smart boards appear like big screens that look like a white chalk board, but they are monitors hooked into an internet linked computer, which a teacher can utilize just like an individual use a laptop or desktop. The screens are interactive that use touch screen technology as well as lessons, programs, internet searches, and a lot more can be performed in front of the class. Scott Luker told that Pricilla Gelinas's classroom received one of the smart boards with the additional going to an LLD (Language Learning Disorder) class of 8 students. She used to teach a 3rd ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) class of 4 students with 2 aides, Stacy Trautmann and Anne Towers. These students had different forms of autism all with various learning challenges. These smart tools are a very useful device to catch attention of such type of students and keep them focused.

Tom DeVries is the co leader of the Challenger Sports Program and is also the father of a special needs child. He said that the donation of 2 smart boards was a natural extension of what their Challenger Program actually does. He further added that their goal is to assist special needs children, so that they can have the same opportunities and experiences as their peers. Scott Luker has made many donations for the special needs children and has also organized many activities for them, as well.