Larry Wayne Chaffin

War is Hell 1965

By: Katelyn Gest

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Larry Wayne Chaffin

The pictures above was taken by Horst Faas in 1965 in the Vietnam War. The man in the picture is Larry Wayne Chaffin, 173rd Airborne Brigade Battalion. His helmet says “War Is Hell” some young soldiers wore this known to be an acerbic attitude.

This picture really caught my eye. I love learning about the Vietnam War, this showed me that the war was a tough time. I didn’t really realize it was that tough until i learn some more about it. Learning about Larry Wayne Chaffin made me wonder more about the Vietnam War. This picture seems important to me it tells me that this men went through a lot to help America.

The "War Is Hell" showed that the war in the Vietnam was a rough time to be in, it was a sad bloody time. The picture shows us that the Vietnam was very costly to enter, and long period of time. 3 million people with 58,000 Americans were killed during Vietnam War. In 1937 Unification of Vietnam and U.S. forces were under communists for 2 years. Some men would be sent to remote Southeastern Asia jungles to be in terrifying and deadly combat.

If i were in the Vietnam in 1965 by Horst Faas, i would ask him couple questions. Why did Horst take the picture anyways? Is this picture important? How were the conditions that you lived in while you were there? Where you being shot at while taking the picture? How important is the picture to you? Would you ever do it again if you had the chance to go back would you go?