Hidden Children

Life of a child in hiding


Many jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. Over six million died, but over one million were children. However thousands survived we know these kids as hidden children who were hiding at the end of World War 2 and during the Holocaust. We look into the eyes of children who are dying of starvation and fear, but some how lived.

Daily life

When kids would go into hiding most would go to other families or underground. In their daily life they really didn't do much they had to be as quiet as they could if they wanted to live. Plus they couldn't really bring much of their belongings with them.

Where they hide

A lot of children were hidden in many places such as barns, chicken coops, cellars, and even attics. Most children again went underground and continued to move further and further.

Education and Clothing

Some kids didn't have a very good education the way you were depended on whether you had an education or not. A lot of kids didn't go to school and for Jewish people education was very important. On the other hand you have clothing most kids either got hand-me-downs or found scraps of fabric and turned them into clothing for themselves.

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