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In reality, our sick and twisted society has created the ultimate trap, the prettier you are, the prettier you still could be/ Are. Once people have decided to judge you solely on your looks, that becomes the most scrutinized quality you have.

A person who is insecure lacks confidence in their own value, and one or more of their capabilities, lacks trust in themselves or others. When they're insecure, they don't go outside a lot, they stress for what their going to wear, and if anyone's going to judge them.

Victoria Secret Models, are all Skinny, Tall, Tan or white. Lots of girls dream to look like them. But through the glitz and glam, Victoria Secret models, Have insecurities of their own too. They feel pressure, To look the best 24/7. They can't eat a lot/ over eat, they have to look beautiful everywhere they go, and wear pretty dresses and outfits. The magazines they're on, are not 100% real; they change the bone structure of their face (Cheek bones) , and weight a bit, And they highlight the face more.

Teens, mostly "young girl teens" feel more insecure then other people, they get judged how they look by people at school. Especially from the "Popular" girls.

Emotional insecurity during adolescence is normal and is often caused by a combination of hormonal changes, social pressures and the environment in which a child is growing up. Parents can help by being aware and accepting of the emotional turmoil that many teens experience, and also by working to lessen some of the causes of teenager insecurity. While some degree of insecurity during adolescence is normal, many teenagers make matters worse by not eating well. Because many teens are anxious about their weight, they will choose to skip breakfast or other meals in order to Get skinner.

But if they keep on skipping meals, They can get Anorexia, This make the person become more insecure. They'll be scared to go swimming, because girls will stare and whisper behind her back. And judge her even more.

There really is not point in becoming perfect cause, girls will just keep on picking out the flaws on you. If you're overweight they'll call you fat, if you're skinny, they'll call you anorexic. But you still want to become "Perfect" in you own eyes. Just to get accepted by other people, fit in, and be "normal".

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Because It Works On A Participate That Most People Are More Interested In Others' Lives, Than Their Own.