latin America Simulation

Gone a little wrong

The 5 groups

In the game there where 5 groups in total.

1. Guerillas

2.Guatemalan Government

3.Military and Wealthy



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Month 1 and 2

During the first month Army and wealthy had the upper hand. US did absolutely nothing the entire time and no alliances were formed. Only peasants and guerillas were friendly towards each other. Second month started to get exiting when the guerillas attacked Army and win. They also won the counterattack. The guerillas, peasants and Government formed a big alliance and almost became one. USA sided with army also. The candidates size actually grew smaller after the guerilla and Gov team up.

Month 3 election time

No battle happened here and the whole time was spent waiting for the elections. In the end Josh became president, Iain for vice and Zack for secretary. The US finally formed an alliance with the guerillas and stepped away from the army and wealthy. Ironically the army and wealthy became the least powerful at the end. So the guerillas, peasants and the Guatemalan government won.


There was a lot of violence in the beginning but through it all there was overall very little fighting. Cooperation was through the roof with the 3 group alliance that happened on the second day and the US trying to alliance with everyone.


The only thing the US really did was observe everything that was happening. They also made some treaties but that's about it.

When power shifts

It's usually negative due to the people having to make a huge change which is never easy to change. This simulation should very little change though.

This relating to me!

A long time ago it turns out I wasn't getting the homework I needed and my mom was mad. After a big talk we decided to talk with the school and we got everything we needed.

The second example is when me and my friend was fighting cause I think he stole my homework. After a bit of searching I found my homework under my bed with cat urine on it (I'm not kidding.) and had to get a new copy. It was very awkward and unpleasant overall.