How did the Americans win the war?

They were clearly the underdogs.

British soldiers Vs. The Continental Army soldiers

The British were organized and had lots of supplies and training. The Continental Army was disorganized and had little training and supplies.

So how did the Colonies win?

Home feild advantage

The colonies were fighting on their land. They knew it better than the British soldiers. Most British had never set foot on colonial land. Plus British troops had to travel all the way from Britian.


Having passion in what you do is really important. Even thought the Continental Army was short on men, uniforms, weapons and other supplies, they had a reason to fight. And they wanted to win. They understood that their future would be impacted by the outcome of the war. Not having the supplies they needed might have gotten in the way, but, the passion they had helped them not give up. The British soldiers were just fighting because the king wanted to keep the colonies. Losing the war wouldn't have as big of an impact on the British as it would the colonies.


The British Strategy was to stand in the open in organized rows and shoot. And they had bright red coats. This made them easy targets. The Continental army hid behind things, making it harder to be shot. Plus, what strategy George Washington decided to use later in the war had a big impact.

George Washington

George Washington was a great leader. He helped keep the army together and push them forward. George Washington changed his strategy. Knowing very well that his troops were outnumbered by many, he decided to tire the British out instead of fighting them. Eventually they did get tired. Some of the British troops went home and left the war.

France and Spain

Eventually, France and Spain became allies with the thirteen colonies. Having their support helped us win the war. General Von Steuben reorganized the Continental Army and gave it discipline. Lafayette had an important role as well.


Just like passion, the Continental Army had motivation. They knew they were fighting for their independence. They had their eye on the prize. Along with that, Thomas Paine wrote The Crisis. And George Washington read the troops the Declaration of Independence. All these things were sorta like motivational speeches. The Colonial victories at Trenton and Princeton motivated them a lot too.

How did the American Revolution impact other parts of the world?

Because of the Revolution, families were ripped apart. Loyalists fled to the British Colonies of Canada and Nova Scotia. The American Revolution influenced the french and they ended up having their own revolution.