What's up in 2D!

Weekly happenings in the life of a second grader

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January 20th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day -Student and Staff Holiday!

January 25th- PTO Carnival

8 Expectations

1. We will value one another as unique and special individuals!
2. We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes nor use sarcasm or put downs!
3. We will use good manners saying, "please," "thank you," and "excuse me," and allow others to go first.
4. We will cheer each other to SUCCESS!
5. We will help one another whenever possible!
6. We will recognize every effort and applaud it!
7. We will encourage each other to do our best!
8. We will practice virtuous living using the life principles!

The Life Principles

1. Courtesy - we will be discussing the meaning and importance of the word.

2. Effort -doing one's best in an endeavor. Ask your learner if they are giving their best effort at school!

3. Compassion: ability to share another's feelings or ideas.

4. Respect - paying proper attention or showing consideration to others.

5. Common Sense- thinking before acting, using good judgement.

6. Self- Discipline- the ability to choose and control one's own actions.

7. Friendship- caring for and trusting others

8. Problem Solving- creating solutions or finding answers to a problem.

You are a genius and the world needs your contribution!

Here's what we need to KNOW!

Math: This week are beginning an introduction to multiplication. We will be discovering what it means to multiply a number and define the term 'multiple'. We will be looking at patterns within multiplication. Activities this week will include the use of money and counting coins to break down multiplication questions. (How many nickels are in 75cents)

GTI students will be practicing skip counting starting at unfamiliar numbers. For example, "How many numbers will you write, skip counting by 5s, if you start at 230 and end at 315" We will also be further exploring multiplication and two step problems for those that are ready.

Here are some good websites to try at home for math skills.

Shepard Software - http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm

Math Facts Basketball - http://www.abcya.com/math_facts_game.htm

Math Fact Practice! Play Kids Games - http://www.playkidsgames.com/games/mathfact/mathFact.htm

Science: We are wrapping up our unit on Motion. We will be making spinners and zoomers to show force and motion in our own classroom!

Language Arts: This week we will be writing a personal narrative about something fun that happened over the break. We will also begin a study on Nonfiction Text Features. These features include; map, diagram, bold print, caption, glossary, table of contents etc. Students will be introduced to the text features so they may then start adding them to their own writing next week when we write an expository text.

GTI students will continue their book clubs and begin a product to show their learning throughout the book. Students will also be working on their Passion Project during this time.

Social Studies: This week we are studying maps and map skills. You would be surprised how many second graders are confused about the difference between a country and a state! Don't worry, we will get it all sorted out this week as we discuss maps and globes. They love this unit because we get to use google earth!