Visit Exotic Thailand On Your Honeymoon

If you are currently amid planning a special honeymoon for you and your soon to be lifelong partner, then you will surely want to check out all that Thailand has to offer. A honeymoon in Thailand will give you everlasting memories. This beautiful country is located in Southeast Asia and has a Monarchy government. It offers a diverse culture of Chinese, Indian, and Cambodian. Tourism is one their biggest sectors of the economy so your expectations of being treated with the upmost respect should be set very high, because you will be worshiped like a king during your stay in this beautiful country.

Beautiful Beaches

If you are looking to hang out on the beach and get some sun, Thailand is definitely the place for you and your new bride or groom. There are many beaches for you to choose from so the selection will be very difficult. You may even choose to visit several of the lovely beaches during your stay. Patong Beach is the most popular among the tourist because it is located on the famous Phuket Island. Its white sand and beautiful blue waters have a lot to offer everyone.

With the many beachfront rental properties you can walk right to the shoreline and lounge in the sun for hours or hop aboard a jet ski and go for a ride in the warm waters. If you get tired of spending your time on the Patong Beach be sure to check out the Kata Beach, which is also located on the Phuket Island. Do not worry about traveling a long distance to get to this more laid back, less visited beach because it is only few miles away. It will definitely be worth the short trip because you will be able to relax in a quieter environment. Beaches are a great opportunity for honeyteering Thailand.

Great Sporting Venues

If you are an avid sportsman and want to spend some time watching some of the most popular Thailand Maui Tai experts in action be sure to reserve your tickets to the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. There you will get an experience of a lifetime. When get tired of watching the kick boxers in action head on over to the very famous Thammasat Stadium and watch some football. This huge stadium was built for the 1998 Asian Games and holds a maximum of twenty-five thousand spectators so do not worry about ticket availability because a seat awaits for you.

Spectacular Nightlife Fun

If you are looking for something to do when the sun goes down you will want to head on down to the popular pubs and dance clubs, which are located in the cities. These locations will make for a memorable Thailand honeymoon. There you will be able to sip on a Pena Colada or a draft beer and enjoy the music. These hotspots are located near motels and on the beaches for your convenience. Now if you are looking for some more exotic fun you will definitely want to visit the Pattaya nightlife scene. There you will find several strip clubs and go-go bars. You can have a night of entertainment provided by the very talented and beautiful dancers.