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February 10, 2014

Math: This week we'll begin our unit on fractions. We'll begin by reviewing factors and multiples as we work our way to understanding equivalent fractions. Please practice multiplication and division facts with your child at home if they don't know them automatically. Homework this week is: Mon. pg. 489-490, Tues. 495-496, Wed. 509-510 and Thurs. 515-516. We'll work on our Continental Math Challenge on Tuesday.

Reading: We're wrapping up The Wind is Not a River Monday. Tuesday we'll begin another book set in Alaska. We're tying our study of the state with literature from around Alaska. Toughboy and Sister is set along the Yukon River. Many of our books have a survival element to them so we'll focus on those as we read more books from AK.

Language: We are learning about opinion writing this qtr. We'll work on a couple of different pieces this week that deal with using evidence to support our opinion.

Spelling words this week are: basket, better, blizzard, borrow, button, cotton, dinner, follow, gossip, symbol, terror, fossil, happen, letter, mirror, pattern, pepper, puppet, silver, supper. We are reviewing the VCCV pattern.

Science: This week we'll begin our geology unit.

Other items: Students did a great job of being focused and working hard in my absence last week. I love the grandma book they made for me! My newest grandson, Charlie Valentino is a sweet little guy and is doing well. By the end of the month I should have one more grandson...they just keep coming!

Please continue to collect box tops for us as there should be another drive taking place in Feb.

If you can bring snacks for our Valentine's Day party please let me know. The rule about Valentines is if students bring one they bring enough for everyone in class. We have 18 students. Another class list is included in case students didn't get one last week.

Students should be reading for their weekly reading logs. The next book report is in the format of a postcard. It is due Feb. 19th. I went over the project with students and sent home detailed instructions earlier.

Skiing begins

Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 3:15pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Once we have snow we'll start skiing on Mon. and Thurs. Think winter!

Valentine's Day Party

Friday, Feb. 14th, 2:15pm

995 Soundview Ave

Homer, AK

Exchange Valentines and treats

Blues in the School Concert

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 9am

995 Soundview Ave

Homer, AK

Postcard Book Reports

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 8:45am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Book reports are due!

Post Card Book Report Directions

  1. Choose a book of your choice, approx. 100 pgs. at your reading level.

  1. Read the book, marking events that you think are interesting.

  1. When you have finished the book design your 5”x 8” post card.

  1. The picture on the postcard needs to be relevant to the story and nothing on the front of the card can be white unless it is white in real life.

  1. On the back of the card in the address section write your name in the “To” section. For an address write the title of the book, and follow that by the author of the story.

  1. Write a letter to yourself from one of the main characters in the story telling about an exciting or meaningful event from the book.

Grading Criteria:

Your Name 5 _____

Title 5 _____

Author 5 _____

Letter ideas 25 _____

Picture 25 _____

Conventions 25 _____

(spelling, punctuation,

capitalization, sentence


Overall neatness 10 _____

Total 100

Budget Meeting

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is holding a Public Budget Meeting on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Homer High School library. Everyone interested is encouraged to attend. If there are questions, please contact Lassie Nelson at 714-8838.

Early Release Day

Wednesday, Feb. 26th, 1:45pm

995 Soundview Ave

Homer, AK

Buses will run their normal route an hour and a half earlier.

Student Council "Red Carpet" Day

Friday, Feb. 28th, 8:30am

995 Soundview Ave

Homer, AK

Dress in your finest duds...for this student council sponsored spirit day.