The land of serenity


Jenkonia was founded by John Jenkins. He stumbled upon the island while he was vacationing. He is running the country with a market economy and it is a monarchy. It is located off the coast of Monaco. Its language is English. It has a population of 2.5 million. The national anthem is Whole crowd. The claim to fame is its growth of herbs and spices. We trade cotton and other plants with China the US and Africa.


1. You cannot kill other than self defense

2. You cannot steal

3. You cannot own a gun without a permit

4. No domestic violence

5. No animal cruelty

6. Selling of narcotics without a permit

7. No drinking under the age of 18

8. No smoking of any smoke able drug under the age of 18

9. Equal rights for all

10. Racism will not be tolerated

Country's National Symbol

Animal: Lion

Flag: Koru flag


Membership of UN: Yes

Current Events

An earthquake of 3.7 ht our mainland and were are asking for help. There has been 324 fatalities due to it. Please donate any supplies

The first son of the king was born. He is named Samson. He is heir to the Jenkonian throne.

The king is visiting the US for a new alliance. This is a much anticipated goal for the king.