Your African Adventure Starts Here

By: Kristin Callbeck

Why Choose Africa?

Why should you choose to travel to Africa? Well, there are wonderful getaways and expeditions here. Ski through the Sahara desert, snorkel in the Red Sea, raft in the Nile River, Explore Mfangano island, and many more to do here in Africa. Your adventure starts here.

Red Sea; Scuba and Trian Island

The Red Sea sits between African and the Arabian Peninsula. Red Sea is linked with the Indian Ocean by the gulf of Aden. Summer temperatures can exceed over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can go snorkeling and scuba diving here. Here, though you can swim in the waters. They are safe. And after a long day, you can relax and enjoy your trip at Tiran Island.
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When booking a trip to Africa make sure you have all information about excursions you do so you don't put yourself in danger. Always remember to have fun. There are many wonderful expeditions to do in Africa, so why not start your adventure today?