The Jim Crow Laws

By Group 3

.    Imagine that you were born black in 1860 and lived until 1920. Would you have any faith in the U.S. legal system? In the “American way of life”? Why or why not?

I wouldn't have any faith in the law system. The Jim Crow Laws made everything separate for blacks. Blacks and whites had separate things; different water fountains, schools, and bathrooms. I wouldn't have faith in the American way of life either. I would feel mistreated and hated.

How did Jim Crow laws affect the American image abroad? How did our foreign policy impact racial equality at home?

This affected the American image because it made it seem like we did not accept colored people. It also affected us at home because several areas did not allow blacks. White people related to blacks could not call eachother brother, sister or any kind of relative.

Under Jim Crow, black facilities were often of far poorer auality than those reserved for whites. Seperate rarely meant equal. If blacks and whites had received equal treatment, would Jim Crow laws have been fair?

No, they would have been very unfair because it defeats the purpose of treating people equally.

Were the Jim Crow Laws trying to serve the purposes of general welfare and protecting society.

Yes they were brcause they were trying tochange the rights and served the puropses of general l welfare and to protect society.

"I don't beleive you can change the hearts of the men with laws or decisions," said one person who opposed court ordered desegregation. Do you agree with statement? Is it a valid reason to continue segregation?

I completely disagree with this statement. I know that laws and decisions do affect a persons well being, espicially when blacks and white (both said to be equal) are treated like completely different people. White men, women and children were treated like royalty compared to blacks being treated like animals.

Read the 14th amendment and explain how the supreme court used it to disallow segregation in the brown decision. Why didnt the court ise it for the same purpose in the plessy v. Ferguson?

In the end of the brown case the the supreme court ruled that sepereate but equal was unconstitutional,because the court follwed the southern, and Jim crow laws


How did the plessy v. Ferguson case (1896) uphold the Jim crow laws?what effect did this casehave on the lives of southern blacks?

In the plessy v. Ferguson case the court used the jim crow laws to hold back the rights of the blacks, this effected the southern blacks alot it all of the sudden completly changed the way an ywhite in the south treated a black .