Regan D

Career Development Period Six

Left Brained

Left brain thinkers are often logical, reasonable, planned, organized, focused, and rational. Left brain thinkers often prefer math and science.
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Word Cloud

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Personality Letters: ISFP

Introversion- People who tend to focus on the inner world of ideas and impressions.

Sensing- People who tend to focus on the present and the concrete information gained from their senses.

Feeling- People who tend to base their decisions primarily on values and on subjective evaluation of person centered concerns.

Perception- People who tend to flexible and spontaneous approach at life and things settled. They are less scheduling with their options and prefer to keep their options open. They are more probing with their activity.

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My Personality Color


Greens like privacy, and challenges. They are curious and independent.

What Motivates Me?

My motivation is when whatever I am working on is an interest to me. The more I like it the more time and better it will look. I am also motivated by the value of what I am working on, if something is worth a lot of points then I will try harder.

What Stresses Me Out?

I get stressed out when I have a lot to do and very little time to do it. I also and stressed out when I don't understand something.


An ambivert is someone who can see the struggles of both introverts and extroverts. Ambiverts can sometimes can think they are not special enough, but can be successful and influential.
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Career Interests

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Work Values

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The job tied to my budget is a pediatrician.
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Licenses Plate

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My Top Three Career Choices

My Top College Choice

My top college choice is MIT.


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1. What town is your college located? Cambridge, MA

2. What is the website for your college?

3. Is your college a Private or Public School? Private

4. Is it a 4 year, 2 year college or other? 4 year

5. What is the total enrollment? Also break it down to how many males and females. 4,512 enrolled 54% male / 46% female

6. What is the tuition cost and room/board per year? $44,720

7. Describe housing options for freshman. Live in dorms.

8. What at the admission requirements?

a. SAT/ACT Scores – Which is required and what score? SAT 2220

b. Grade Point Requirement. About 4.0

c. Percentage of students admitted. 8%

d. Any other requirements to be admitted.

9. What are 3 popular majors? (May have to google this answer.) Engineering, Computer Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

10. Cost of tuition for out of state students. Same as 6

11. What are 3 facts about financial aid?About 90% of our undergraduates receive some type of financial aid, receive your bill through MITPAY on the 10th of each month, and Many graduate students are eligible to receive one or more forms of financial assistance.

12. What are 3 activities/clubs offered on campus? (CAN NOT BE ATHLETICS) entrepreneurs club, LGO committees, and combat robotics club.

13. What did you find MOST interesting about your college choice? The first human cancer gene discovery took place at MIT. Weinberg found the ras oncogene.

High School Plans

Graduation is on May 23, 2020. Bentonville High School
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"Always believe that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know" -From Winnie the Pooh