Terry Fox "The Respected one"

Terry Fox is a victim of cancer who ran across Canada.


Definition of respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something by their abilities, qualities, or achivements. For example I respect all my teachers because they have not only tought me but they have build up my confidine, improved my weaknesses and changed them into my strenghts.

"Signs of respect for Terry Fox"

People respect Terry Fox because of his dedication of running across Canada with one leg to raise funds for the cancer foundation. He wanted to help the cancer victims who were suffering what he had gone through. He was trying to raise funds which he had, so the cancer foundation could find a cure for cancer.

"How Terry Fox changed Canda"

For the respect of Terry's noble cause the goverment has named some of the streets after him, there are some students in Simon Fraser University in Burbon who have set goals some might say are beyond their grasp. Vancouver's olympic committee created the Terry Fox award which honors athelets who show the qualities that Terry lived by: courage, perseverance, and determination.
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This video is a about a man who helps diffrent people and he earns respect by the people watching and the people who he is helping.