March 13, 2014


Just a reminder that the products listed under "Bye Bye Birdie", Retired/lLimited Edition, or offered through the current Pop-Up Shops, will only be available through TOMORROW, March 14, at 11:59 p.m. EST. This includes retired, Valentine's Day limited edition, and pop-up shop specials.

The Pop-Up Shop Specials (chain/dangle combo packs) make a great giveaway so be sure to purchase a few for your inventory in an effort to boost your profits and/or allow you to be a Force for Good by donating to an organization that is special to you! They are also a great way to get bookings at your jewelry bars. Simply let your hostess wear the chain with three dangles attached. Everyone who books a jewelry bar with you before the end of the night gets to pick a dangle from the chain. If all three dangles are gone by the end of the jewelry bar, the hostess gets to keep the chain for FREE. Win-win for everyone!


The "02 Experience" (Annual Conference) will be happening in Phoenix on July 24-26, 2014. This is an event you DON'T want to miss if at all possible. Several on the team went last year and had a blast! Great training, great fellowship, great food, and everyone's favorite, "Everybody Gets One!"! Current price is $225, but prices will increase April 1. There may also be some early bird tickets out there that were $150-$175 for early registrants. Let me know if you are interested in going, and I will be on the lookout for tickets that might be up for grabs. (Often ladies are unable to go at last minute and make tickets available for transfer.) Last year there was also an awesome hotel special at the Hyatt for $59/night. What a steal! We'll keep our eyes out for these specials as well! Again, please let me know if you are interested in going at all and I will keep you in the loop in regard to ticket, airline, and hotel costs. If you have questions about what conference is all about, be sure to ask away! I have attended every conference in 02 history and can tell you it is ALWAYS AMAZING! You will learn so many ways to grow your business and come back pumped and ready to go!

March Incentive Includes 02 Branded Ipad Mini!

Here's how to qualify for the March Incentive and win a FREE Ipad mini:

(1) Sponsor 3 new designers before March 31 who sell $500 in PV in their first 30 days.

(2) Sell $500 pv in the month of March yourself. (One or two jewelry bars should do this!)

All you need to do is share your story and build your team in the process! This mini Ipad would be a great addition to your display. Just create a slideshow using photos from the back office or the 02 facebook page and let it run during your events or parties. So many applications you can use it for in terms of business inventory, reporting, etc. as well. Good luck!


I have had several questions about how to view business materials in the back office and have, honestly, had some issues with this myself so wanted to share with you a "shortcut" I discovered this week after chatting with one of our team members.

Here's it is: (1) Log into your back office and click on the "orders" tab; (2) Scroll down to select "Business Supply Order"; (3) Confirm your address and shipping option and press "Next"; (4) Click the "X" to close the Quick Order Pad; (5) Now click the aqua "search" link (immediately to the left of the "shop" button). Like magic, you can now scroll through all the exciting and enticing business materials available to us!


New Spring TOMs (Take out menus) are NOW available to order in the back office. Simply click "Orders", and then "Business Supply Order" and select SKU number: SA7005 in the Quick Order Tab. Be sure to order plenty to share with potential hostesses, at events, and for mailing out to past customers and hostesses as well!


Designer packs of the new spring merchandise are still available. You will definitely want to have these in order to share our new spring packet with your hostesses and guests! If you ordered previously be sure to check your shipping status as most are on their way!

The "Deluxe Designer Pack" (sku: KT3004) is $208 (PV) and contains a wide assortment of new spring charms and other jewelry, including $50 in FREE charms! The "Designer Charm Pack" (sku: KT3005) is $98 (PV) and contains an assortment of 39 of our new spring charms as well as an additional $25 in FREE charms. REMEMBER, you can only order ONE of the two packs, so choose wisely! To order, click "Orders," then "Designer Order". Verify your shipping information and click "next". Dismiss the Quick Add Option and scroll to the bottom of the page to choose the packet of your choice! Also, please remember that you will receive the "discounted" price once you add the packet to your cart.


Please let me know if you have questions at ANY time or would be interested in having me attend a jewelry bar or event with you or if you would be interested in shadowing me at an event or party. Always glad to help! You can always reach me via phone, text, or email at: