IOS 7 Update

Mario Herrera

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Good things about the Update

  • fun wallpaper
  • Convenient menus and multitasking
  • More secure and private
  • Devices and apps perform differently
  • A simple swipe to get to the settings

Bad things about the Update

  • The gives you headache if you update.
  • Some apps will not be compatible right away.
  • There will not be a jailbreak available.
  • Expect a few bugs and quirks in the first few weeks.
  • The new keyboard is hard to use.


You shouldn't update your IOS 7 yet because the apps and services might break. Some people are taking the route of replacing old apps with entirely new ones. If you update your iPhone your older apps or the apps your using will be slow and you are not going to be used to your phone being slow cause all iPhones are fast. It wouldn't be a good idea to update because if you do then your battery will discharge very quickly and you would get really mad. It will also give you head aches cause you are not used to the new version. In my opinion is that you should not update the IOS 7 because it will not be the same as the version you have right now. It will have bad things for your phone if you update.


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