Water shortages in Africa

By:Paris Holmes

There is not enough water in Africa we need to do something about it!

37% of Zimbabwean farms don't get enough rainfall for the production of agriculture. That means if there is not enough rainfall there will be not enough food.

Their people will starve and not have enough rainfall water to drink.

Children in Africa dream of going to school rather than walking miles a day for dirty water that is most likely going to make them sick.

Restored health allows people to take care of their family and more children can get their education they have always dreamed of.

How can we help?

Here are some ways you can help and some thing people are doing to help

  • Over the next 5 weeks temporary employees will give LifeStraw the company's water filters to 900,000 in households in Western Province almost 90% of the whole population which is providing 4 million people with safe and clean drinking water.
  • Give water and help rescue some of the 440 million school days lost every year to water-related sickness.
  • Wells, dams,and rain catchment systems can provide a reliable source of drinking water.
  • For a small investment, you can fund water projects that will give water to villages and schools.