Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter


November Week 2

11/12 Cycle Day 5

11/13 Cycle Day 6

P.I.L.O.T. Assembly from River Valley

K, 1, 2 8:45-9:30

3, 4, 5 9:45-10:30

Conferences 3:15-7:30

11/14 Cycle Day 7

11/15 Cycle Day 8

Conferences 3:15-7:30

11/16 Cycle Day 9



Conferences 3:15-7:30


5th Grade to High School for Native American Performance 10:10-11:40

Culvers Fundraiser Night 4:30-8:30


No SCHOOL/Thanksgiving Break


Prof. Dev./Gifford Cluster 7:30


Two Hour Early Release


I-Team Meeting 7:30



PBIS Meeting 7:35 (Learning Commons)

Lockdown #3 9:00

Gingerbread House Night 6-7:45 (M-Z 6-6:45, A-L 7-7:45)


BLT 7:30


Climb Theater 8:40 (3,4,5)

Nutcracker Performance for the whole school 2:15-2:45


I-Team Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Music Program 2:00


Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Friendship Manor

9:40-11:30 for Haake, Schleper and 1/2 of Boumeester's Class

1:10-2:40 for Hengel, Anglin and other 1/2 of Boumeester's Class


I-Team Meeting 7:30


Chipotle Night 4:00-8:00


BLT 7:30


PBIS Meeting 2:30 (Aune's Room)


Winter Party


NO SCHOOL/Winter Break

Notes from Pete

Hey Jackson,

I want to acknowledge the great things I am seeing in our grade level Jackson Pride Assemblies. The smaller groups of students have been very responsive to the change and the grade levels have been able to customize the recognitions to the age level while adding themes and social emotional support to the students as well. My observation has been that we are developing a very meaningful and well thought out way to celebrate Jackson Pride while reinforcing our kids' character. Thank you again to all of our teachers who have embraced this change and made it even more worthwhile to our students. As we adapt to our needs please feel free to come talk to me or any PBIS committee member about how we can keep continuing to get better with this every month.


*Thank you to Jenny Larsen and Kristine McGuire for writing and presenting our first grade grant for Rime Magic kits!

*Thank you to the first-grade team for helping with my sub and class when I was sick! I REALLY appreciate it!

*Megan, Thanks for always being there to bounce ideas around and for being willing to handle the difficult students so we can keep group moving along, you are amazing!

*Thank you to Martie Anglin for going above and beyond in the bus line dismissal process. It really helps!

*Thank you so much to the 4th and 5th grade teams for being so patient and listening to me through so much these past couple weeks. It means more than you know!

*Thank you to Kevin for being an amazing administrator who truly cares about his staff and will do everything he can to support them.

*Thank you to Jeanne for being a listening ear these past couple weeks. Your friendship means a lot to me.

**Thank you, Amy and Ben, for putting together the paycheck review meeting with Dale – it is always very helpful to do this!

*Thank you, Becca, for working with our math students in first grade who need extra support!

*Thank you, Kira, for working with me and thank you to all the paraprofessionals who work with me everyday. I am so appreciative. Bill, Wendy, Jenny, thank you!!!

*Thank you, PTO, for approving our first grade grant for Rime Magic kits – we so appreciate you!

*Thank you to Kevin for being so supportive of his teachers and helping them feel heard.

*Thank you to Jenny L. for always being a reasonable sound board and a great problem solver.

*Thank you to Ben and Amy for having Dale here to review our paychecks, some small errors were found that can make a huge difference.

*Thank you to the PTO for granting our Rime Magic grant, we are so excited to use it!

*MaryKate....Thank you for the lunch chat and for having a listening ear!

*Thank you to Natalie for working hard with my class on a K project really last minute! Parents are going to love it at conferences!

DLC Quick Tip

Did you know that some grade level teams have utilized the Schedule feature in Seesaw Activities so that one new activity will be posted for students throughout the whole school year? Request a DLC and learn how you can take advantage of this awesome feature!


  • 11/13 Jeff Hager
  • 11/21 Nicole Scheu
  • 11/23 Dan Olson
  • 12/3 Kathy Clarke
  • 12/3 Kathie Rue
  • 12/8 Kim Hackel
  • 12/8 Kristine McGuire
  • 12/8 Marty Schmidt
  • 12/9 Diane Crist
  • 12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller
  • 12/11 Alexa Ploumen
  • 12/12 Brooke VonBank
  • 12/16 Luci Drill Mellum
  • 12/18 Lexie Schilling
  • 12/24 Noel Reinke
  • 12/25 Brandie Rush