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Special Edition: R+F Convention Recap


Wow, wow, and WOW!!! I just got back from our annual Rodan + Fields Convention in Austin and am just FULL of excitement for what's in store for this company and my business. I absolutely LOVED meeting the rest of the women on our team. We all just clicked and had the best time together. I left feeling re-energized and INSPIRED! We learned what all we can expect in the next year or so in terms of new market expansion and new product offerings. I didn't want to blow up your Facebook feed with all the news, so I'll try to cover it all here!

Major Convention News:

  1. New Market Expansion
  2. New Product Offering for MEN
  3. UNBLEMISH is #1
  4. Insane Growth Stats
  5. Convention 2016 will be Oct. 6-9 in Vegas!

Other Highlights from Convention

  1. Amnon Rodan, a true servant leader
  2. Prescription for Change Foundation
  3. Military Wife Surprise

Personal Team Highlights & Wine Country Tour (Lots 'o Pics!)

Post-Convention Highlights

  1. Allure Spotlight
  2. September Incentive

Please Welcome...

Before I jump into the Convention Recap, I wanted to welcome my newest team member, Wanda Nicklebur! She has been a loyal PC for nearly a year and is nearing retirement and saw this business opportunity as a way to fill her time and help earn extra money so she and her husband can enjoy retirement and travel! Welcome to our wonderful team, Wanda! We are THRILLED to have you!
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Market Expansion - We're "Jumping" Into Australia

In late 2016, we anticipate our market expansion into Australia. If you have ANY connections AT ALL, let's chat! If you do, that could be reason enough to consider jumping in and joining us in this business. If that doesn't interest you, I would LOVE the referrals.

Corporate also talked at length about our expansion into Asia, specifically Japan. The Asian skincare market is VERY different, so they are really doing their due diligence and moving a little slower, but man, when we do jump into Asia, that will be HUGE!

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Introducing: Beyond the Shave - Skincare for Men

This is REALLY exciting!!! The world of skincare is changing and MEN are finally jumping on board and realizing this isn't just for women. It's not "makeup" either (yes, Andrew likes to call what I do "that makeup stuff"...SKINCARE, there's a BIG difference!)

This bundle kit is currently ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH 9/30 and then won't be back until November when they roll it back out for the holidays. All our husbands/boyfriends/dads/brothers/uncles/bosses need it NOW! If they love it, what a great gift at the holidays! It should have a shaving kit-type bag with it at that point. Another tidbit - Any current PC's that aren't able to get the REDEFINE AM cream right now, you CAN get it with this bundle, so help yourself and your man!

So guys...

  • Want a closer shave?...
  • Softer subtle?...
  • Clear & smooth skin?...
  • No more razor burn?...
  • And a plus less wrinkles?... you NEED Beyond the Shave!

Beyond the Shave is designed to keep the shaving experience a positive one! #‎RealMenUseRF‬

Check out this hilarious commercial....

Rodan + Fields® Beyond the Shave Men’s Skincare
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UNBLEMISH is the #1 Premium Acne Skincare in the U.S.

No explanation needed.... The Doctors started with Proactiv and revolutionized the acne market and now they've dominated the premium acne skincare market too with UNBLEMISH!
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I love numbers and stats, so I was PUMPED to see this! Our Premium brand skincare company is the fastest growing company in 6 straight years! At this growth rate, we are predicted to surpass the top 3: Estée Lauder, Lancôme and Clinique.

We grew over 100% last year, compared to most companies in the 4-6% range. We are single-handedly growing the premium skincare market. Numbers junkie??? Download the full presentation here.

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Save the Date for Convention 2016 in LAS VEGAS!

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Other Highlights from Convention!

  • The man laying on the ground below is Amnon Rodan - chairman of R+F (husband of Dr. Katie Rodan). A consultant fainted during all the bustle and to keep her from feeling embarrassed, Amnon laid on the floor beside her and waited until the staff EMS arrived.
  • The Prescription For Change Foundation Raised $603,000 for our partner buildOn in just 3 days! I love that I belong to a group so dedicated to giving back.
  • There are several thousand military spouses involved with R+F. This business is providing a new income stream for hundreds of military families overseas and in the US. Saturday night, with the efforts of the US Air Force and Rodan + Fields, we were able to bring Christopher Schlachter to Austin, TX from Afghanistan to surprise his wife, who is a consultant, on her birthday. It was a raw, emotional and amazing moment. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Team Highlights & Wine Country Tour

I qualified for a FUN trip with our smaller team to go on a little Wine Country Tasting Tour the day before Convention started. We had SO.MUCH.FUN! I absolutely loved bonding with these incredible women! We started with lunch at the Leaning Pear in Wimberley and then headed to Driftwood Estate Winery, followed by Duchman Family Winery. Our leaders even organized for a photographer to come out and take head shots... I sure hope it turns out good! :-) Each night our team had a fun event planned at different restaurants/venues. I'd highly recommend Swift's Attic! Again, I ALWAYS look forward to hanging out with these inspiring and fun women!! Momma definitely needed a girls' weekend!! Did I mention, Mr. Dimples, Mario Lopez (aka AC Slater for your Saved by the Bell fans) hosted our Awards Gala?? :-) I couldn't narrow it down, so lots of pics below! :-)

Post-Convention Highlights

The beauty editors LOVE R+F!!! Not 1 but 5 R+F products are listed in the New ALLURE October Best of Beauty! Not One....FIVE!!!! It's no wonder we are growing on average of 106.5% each year when other premium brands are growing between 4-6%! YUP... we stand next to Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Clinique and are on trend to pass them up!!

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Do y'all know who Rachel Cannon is? The actress from Fresh Off the Boat and Mad Men. And fellow R+F Consultant. Check out what she has to say about this biz after being featured in the magazine this month...

"Allure Magazine?!?! Not going to lie... I'm geeking out a little. I am grateful to praised as a frontrunner but I will tell you this... I'm growing my business the same way every consultant does -- by connecting with people and seeing how this opportunity can shake things up for them. And I have a lot of happy customers who are totally fine being just that. I started this business to support my sister, Lacy Cunningham in creating a medical fund for Oliver, but once i got in I realized how much Rodan + Fields truly lines up with my passion of empowering other women. I became an actor because I wanted to use my voice to help those that needed it. I wanted to create a foundation for women to provide medical services if they couldn't afford them; shelter to recover if they had to leave an abusive relationship; community for those without one and to pay that forward when they land on their feet. I have always wanted to be a part of a community of women lifting each other up and dammit if that isn't what I have found. This company is founded on service. We raised 600,000 for BuildOn in three days this weekend!! We aren't trying to get rich off our friends. We are trying to share what we have, what we love, what has truly changed our lives with everyone we know. We try not to get weird about it but direct sales has a stigma that proceeded us and we are here to show that we are doing this differently. We are changing the game and breaking all the rules. My acting gives me a name and my Rodan + Fields business gives me a purpose. This is so much bigger than skincare. We have the opportunity to create a movement of women supporting each other and leave a tidal wave of change in our wake. I'm all in. Tomorrow is my two year anniversary with this company and I can without doubt tell you that I am a better person because of this business and my life has become flooded with friendship and love and support. Did my acting career give me an advantage? Absolutely not. I worked my ass off... one conversation at a time the same as everyone else. Don't let that intimidate you. You have the same opportunity I have. This business works if you do."

Pretty cool if you ask me!

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September Incentives!

Corporate just announced that they are offering a FREE box of Acute Care samples for new consultants on the $695 or $995 kits NOW through the end of the month! Wow!!! That's awesome!!!... a $165 value (Consultant price).

September 24th also celebrates my 2-year "Rodanniversary", SO..... I will sweeten the deal to celebrate for any new consultants who join my team THIS MONTH!!! ;-) Reach out to me any way possible to learn more and let's chat! I'm on FB and my contact info is below!

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I'm sorry for the much longer than usual newsletter, but again, SO much going on right now, and I didn't want to blow up Facebook. :-)

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