Food Storage

Prepare yourself to handle emergency situations with food storage

It is highly significant to store water and food for the survival when the disaster strikes. There are various types of food that can be easily stored but in this article we will focus on the foods that can be stored for the emergency situations. Creating food storage appears to be overpowering task but taking one step could make you feel satisfy and this would be done easily.

Get familiar with the food items that you can store for emergency

When the disaster takes place the power gets off for the longer period of time so the first food that should be eaten is from the refrigerator. I understand that this appears to be an obvious answer but there are many people who avoid opening the fridge because the items kept in fridge get exposed to the air temperature. The fact is that the food in the fridge will not lose its coolness because the food itself is cool and the refrigerator will work like a cooler. When you open the refrigerator then make sure that the list is prepared of the items in the first time only so that you do not have to open the fridge unnecessarily. If you would possess the list then this will lessen the amount of time the door is open.

Once you are done with your refrigerated food after that switch over to the refrigerated food. Freezer food can be kept for up to three days when the power is off. As long as ice crystals are present in the middle of the food it is still good to have it. After the fresh food has been consumed during an emergency next you should move towards using the food storage.

Lets discuss how and what all could be stored in the food storage. While creating the basic food storage all the items can be classified into the following seven categories:

1. Water

2. Canned or bottled goods

3. Paper products

4. Dried foods and grains

5. Snacks

6. Fats and oils

7. Sugars or sweeteners

You have to keep this thing in mind that appropriate amounts of items should be stored from each category. You can easily decide the proper amount by taking an account about what is currently consume and use.

The very first step you have to take when starting for storing the food is to create a two week supply. Whenever you visit the grocery store develop the habit of shopping the ads and buying extras. Store the foods that are good in taste as well as nutritious. Go for storing the food that you know and that you are currently eating. If you are purchasing food for your family on the regular basis then this will give you a sense of security when a disaster strikes.

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