For Darkness Shows the Stars



Elliot is now 18 years old and it has been 4 years since she and Kai -her childhood sweetheart- have written letters to each other, and since she chose family over him and decided to stay at her families estate instead of running away with him. But when an unknown Cloud Fleet rent land from her she realizes that one of the ship builders is Kai, she wants to get him back, but he has a different idea. After Elliot looses interest in him, seeing that he wanted nothing to do with her, Kai tells her an unbelievable secret, he is half biotic and since technology was forbidden she has to keep his identity a secret.

After a couple weeks of him being here her cousin Benedict arrived to the estate after being kicked out from Elliot's Father because he didn't want him to inherit the estate, she finds out that he is going to get the estate.

When Elliot's grandfather dies she attends his funeral and finds that in his will he gave Elliot his estate, her older sister and her father thinks it is unfair and threaten Elliot that if she didn't give her sister the estate he would banish her off his estate, of course she wouldn't take the deal. Before she left, she tried to gather some her friends to travel with her but her father was one step ahead of her.

Many people soon found out about the incident and many were on Elliot's side, including Kai, who had apologized to Elliot about his behavior toward her.

Elliot had a plan to truck her sister and father to move to another estate, so she could take care of both estates, grow crops, and get food for the winter. The plan did work and one week later she recieved a letter from Kai saying how much he loved her and that he wanted her to go see the stars with him on the ship they were building/planning to sail. Realizing how much she loves him she took her and her best friend along on the trip with her, just in time to, the ship was about to leave until Kai saw Elliot running toward him. They were finally together again, and nothing would ever be the same

Three Things Elliot Would Take With Her on Vacation:

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Ro and Kai are Elliots best friend/loves in the book, she could never do anything without them, the four years with out Kai were misrible. In the book it says, " Dear Kai, come back for me. I didn't mean it. I've changed my mind. I can't bear this, Kai. I can't bear this farm, this life, this world without you." And at the end of the book the one person she takes with her is Ro.
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Her Letters (pencils and paper)

Elliot is always writing or recieveing letters, that's the only way to communicate. She wrote letters to Kai ever since she was in kindergarden. If she needed to speak to someone the only way to do it was through letters
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Compass Rose

In her grandfathers will he gave her a compass rose, one that she had always wanted. In the text it says, " A lump rose in Elliot's throat. He'd known she was always obsessed with his compass. He must have also known how she'd longed to use it to run away."