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Student Newsletter - The Art of The Lions

The Art of Installation

In the art room, some incredible things happen. You might make your first clay sculpture, or have fun making a zentangle. You may even make a piece of art that you want to frame.

But what about Mrs. Strong? She is the only art teacher in all of Glenridge Middle School, so she has a lot to do. That doesn't mean she can't have her own incredible things. In Mrs. Strong's classroom are on display the most colorful installations that SHE made.

An installation is a work of art that is usually three dimensional and transforms the surrounding area. They range from things hanging from the ceiling to glued to the floor. Installations can be made from millions of different things, from plastic bottles and soda tabs to spare parts from a computer or two.

The Idea

Our lovely art teacher, Mrs. Strong, was on a website called This is a creativity website for cooking, art, etc. She was searching for ideas for more art lessons when she saw something that caught her eye. It inspired her to create our first installation of the year (shown below).

The Art of the Mural

There are other artworks around Glenridge besides these installations. The murals at our school not only look spectacular, but were made by spectacular students! The mural near the front office was made by the 7th period 8th grade art class of 2013 - 2014. One girl in that class got to paint the lion in the middle, which can be found on the west stairwell.
It's better to be useful instead of wasteful, and it saves money. So next time you go hunting for things to make an installation out of, be sure to think about your environment first. Then go do whatever it is that you were going to do. Let's just hope we change your mind a bit.
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Article by: Shyanne Bean