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Recognition for September 2015

Oh the Possibilities!

(Sorry it's long but I hope worth it!)

Hi Dream Team! This photo came across my newsfeed on Facebook this week and it got me thinking. What keeps you working towards your goals? Is it that you have bills to pay, kids to send to private school, dance lessons or karate to pay for, or maybe it's that you LOVE traveling and put money back for a vacation fund? Well, we know those goals are not GUARANTEED to happen unless WE make them happen, right? We know we have to work hard towards our goals each month.

Are you one to give up early? Do you quit when the going gets tough? Think of all of the possibilities...The possibilities YOU could have if you just kept going!! If you kept working towards that goal, each and every day, what would it look like? Yes, it's going to take work, you might not always reach it...BUT...think of how YOU and your family will benefit just by working towards it each and every month. Have you ever heard that saying "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!" I know that if you continue to work hard, you'll be able to reap what you sew.

I want to be honest with you here for a minute. When I returned from Haiti, I really REALLY struggled. I was ready to walk away. I didn't want to talk to anyone and I didn't want to party. I was my own worst enemy at the time. I was worried that if I had a conversation and Haiti was brought up, I would break down. Y'all know I'm a cryer but I didn't want to be. It was an amazing experience but I didn't know how to describe that experience that I had just had. I didn't want to exploit my new friends so I never shared photos either. I just couldn't help thinking about how a family in Haiti can live on $300 to $400 a year and I've got some customers that will spend that without blinking an eye or how we drop that on a fun weekend out or on a grocery bill.

It wasn't until my husband came into the office one night while I was "playing office" and he could tell something was off and had been "off". He knew I wasn't really up for chatting about things, and honestly, I still haven't told him much or shown pictures. BUT...the conversation we had that night helped me SNAP OUT OF IT!! He helped me realize how much I contribute to my family. How much our day to day lives would be different if Thirty-One wasn't in the picture. I know not all of you use this income as your full time pay, but we do! He helped me realize the POSSIBILITIES that I have with Thirty-one so I can continue to give back to my new friends in Haiti along with sponsoring a little girl. He knew I wanted to go back soon but helped me realize that that's NOT a Guarantee. Without Thirty-One, there would be no possible way that we could afford for me to go back, no way we could afford to sponsor Valanka, no way we could live the way we live. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my new Haitian friends and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for putting Thirty-One in my life. I know that through Thirty-One, I can accomplish ANYTHING and that the possibilities are endless. That's what keeps me going!

With Thirty-One, there are so many POSSIBILITIES to make great money, build a team, climb the leadership ladder, earn bonuses(coming soon), and so much more. If you set some GOALS and work your hardest, each and every month...the POSSIBILITIES are endless for you too!!

Here are a few pictures from my Mission trip and I hope you enjoy them! Please know that I'm here for you. I want to help YOU see the potential you have to make this Bag thing happen!!

Love, Chelsea

I could share hundreds of pictures!!

You will notice that we were an all female group! There were 2 Dream Team sisters on the trip besides myself (Brenda Wright & Nicole Shaughnessy) There were a total of 7 out of 10 that were Thirty-One girls! God is SO Good!!

Picture 1- The family we built the home for!

Picture 2- The work crew! By the and from the airport, we rode in the back of a truck with out luggage, hanging on to the rails like shown in this picture. It was the best ride EVER!!

Picture 3- Brenda Wright doing what Nana does best!

Picture 4- Brenda and Nicole Shaughnessy helping build a bed.

Picture 5- Me! I loved being back at the school during recess! The kids just melted my heart!! Tried picking off my freckles, feeling my skin, and doing their best to speak English.

Picture 6- The day we left. Saying goodbye to the crew was tough. They're like a bunch of brothers!

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I hope you enjoyed those. Now...SET SOME GOAL!!!! Know that the possibilities with this job are endless with hard work and dedication! YOU CAN DO IT!!
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I'm so excited to have you on our team!

These girls joined us in September!!

  • Lisa Anderson, IN (sponsored by Darllea Hoopingarner)
  • Madeline Eldridge, IN (sponsored by Chelsea Abu-Seir)
  • Julie Rader, IN (sponsored by Kimberly Cramer)
  • Joann Schlicht, MI (sponsored by Kacey Jansma)

Team Recognition

(Top performance on our team for the month of September)

Top $ales - Personal Volume- ($600 +)

  1. Cindy Hall $5847
  2. Nicole Shaughnessy $3339
  3. Kacey Jansma $1487
  4. Marshal Guinn $1463
  5. Kerry Rumple $1249
  6. Jessica Blevins $1016
  7. Katie Clements $878
  8. Melissa Leistico $861
  9. Samantha Brown $833
  10. Ashley Rowe $828
  11. Taylar Yocom $698
  12. Peggy Hornbrook $662
  13. Kim Coats $657
  14. Aubrey Sears $650
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Chelsea's Stats: September

Personal Volume: $3765

Parties: 7

Recruits: 1

Total Downline Sales: $48,816

Total Downline Parties: 92

Consultants in downline: 124

Gen 0 Sales: $29,510

Gen 0 Parties: 50

Consultants in Gen 0: 60

(Gen 0 means that you are on my team, not separated by another Director.)

3 "paid at' Directors

7 Senior Consultants

Chelsea Abu-Seir

Executive Director, Thirty-One

My office hours may vary week to week. BUT...I'm available for YOU! Please let me know if you need anything at all or would like to set up a coaching call. Remember, I don't know you need help unless you ask!