Keep Foreigners Out!

Mexican Nationalism

Keep our Mexican Land!

The United States took our land before, and we are not going to let them take it again!

We earned this great land and we should keep it for ourselves! Our law in the Constitution states that no foreigner may own land 30 miles from any coast or 60 miles from an international border.

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Backround Information

Settlement of Texas

In the 1820's Stephen Austin won the Mexican governments approval to bring American families into the Texas region. Land grants were awarded to the settlers if Austin could sponsor 300 families and make sure that they would be loyal to the Mexican government, learn the Spanish language, and convert to Roman Catholic as their religion. We brought people into the land and this is a reason why we have to keep our land.
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War for Independence in Texas

When Texas declared its independence from Mexico, Mexican general Antonio Lopez marched an army of 6,000 through the desert to Texas. They then attacked the San Antonio fortress, the Alamo. In the Battle of San Jacinto, General Antonio Lopez believed that the Texans would retreat. He ordered them to set up camp along the San Jacinto River. The Texans attacked the following morning while the Mexicans were sleeping and killed and captured all of the soldiers. This is another reason why we should keep our land to ourselves.
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Mexican-American War/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The Mexican-American War occurred from the years of 1846-1848. It was the first time the U.S. fought on foreign soil. President James K. Polk believed in "Manifest Destiny." He thought that we should expand to the Pacific Ocean. The fighting started when the border was disputed. After the conflict had died down, the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed to end the war. Mexico had lost about one third of its land, including present day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. We lost a lot of our land from unfair fighting.
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Showed by the events above, it tells how we have had our land taken away from us unfairly. Should this happen again? We need to keep the border rules we have now and keep foreigners out! We need to keep the land that is rightfully ours!
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