Jeanette Liu- Period 7

Physical Properties/Changes and Chemical Properties/Changes

Physical Property

Physical Property- A characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance into something else.

Physical properties would include our five senses. Another example of a physical property would be texture or color. Hardness and odor would be one as well.

Chemical Property

Chemical Property- A characteristic that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance.

Since chemical properties interact, an example of a chemical property would be your car rusting. Another example would be baking a cake or burning a match.

Physical Change

Physical Change- A change in matter that does not affect its chemical composition.

One example of a physical change would be ripping paper. Lemonade made of powder is also a physical change because when you mix the powder with water, not all of the powder is dissolved and so the water is water and the powder is powder. Another example would be crushing a can.

Chemical Change

Chemical Change- A process that changes substances into new substances.

An example of a chemical change would be digesting food. And since most chemical changes happens due to heat, baking and cooking are also examples of a chemical change. The four indicators of a chemical change would be: a change in temperature, a change in color, a formation of precipitate, and a production of a gas.

Amazing chemical reactions!