The Klondike

Klondike Visual Representation

Welcome to Alaska

To get to Alaska where the Klondike took place you must either go through Canada or take a boat. I have personal experience while taking a ferry to Alaska when I was seven. We are many years ahead of the Klondike, so I'd imagine that my ride was much smoother, but I can imagine. When going to Alaska you would most like get on your boat around Seattle, Washington and ride to Anchorage, Alaska. That is 2,265 miles of water. You can also land in Juneau, Alaska and make a little more walking distance but that is still many miles. My trip took 10 days. I would imagine theirs took much longer
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The Chilkoot Trail

Hundreds of people walked the Chilkoot Trail everyday. The Chilkoot Trail had many steep slopes that didn't allow stampeders to use pack animals to travel, so they devised many strategic ways to move their gear. The stampeders would move in the winter so that by the time that they arrived at Lake Bennett, it was the spring time.

The White Pass Trail

The Klondike Trail was the trail everyone used if they wanted to use pack animals. Unfortunately, this trail was used and pack animals were too, perhaps too much. In fact, pack animals were worked so much that they often died from over work. When it rained on this trail, it got very muddy. When it was covered in mud, many travelers got stuck, and they often died. Overall this was a dangerous trail


On August 16th of 1896, George Carmack and Skookum Jim discovered gold at Bonanza Creek. This started the gold rush in the Klondike.

Water Ways

There were two main waterways that stampeders used to get to the klondike and that was the Yukon river and Lake Bennett.


Dawson City was a town built of gold. Dawson city was home to hundreds of people as they came to seek their fortune. People in Dawson went crazy over the gold fields that ran close to the town.


There were very smart people during the time of gold. Some people didn't seek gold but won a fortune off the people who did.

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