Personalized Learning Update

September 25, 2015

Group 1-5 Weekly Updates

Thanks to those who provided feedback about the frequency and format of my communication to you. In response, we will be working diligently over the course of the next week to send individual Outlook calendar appointments to school principals for all of your meetings and due dates. PLEASE accept these appointments, and forward to your Personalized Learning Design Team.

Once these calendar invitations have gone out, this weekly communication will transition to bi-weekly frequency, and contain Fulton specific updates/examples and resources to support your schools.

Iteration is the name of the game, and I will continue to do my best to meet your needs moving forward.



Student Advocate Training

iSchool Advocate Program - Anderson 1 School District

iSchool Initiative

ALL Middle and High Schools have the opportunity to have a 10 student advocate team trained to support innovation and the use of technology. More details will come in the next Personalized Learning Update on how to book your school team's training.

Deployment Assistance

iSchool Initiative will also be supporting FCS with Deployment Assistance. This will be coordinated by Farah Jetha.
Personalized Learning Employee Site

This site is the home for all Personalized Learning information. Employee Log-in Required.

Tweet, Tweet!

See our work take shape and use the #personalizeFCS tag on Twitter


Important Information


Device Selection kits will begin to arrive at schools on September 29th, and your Learning Community School Tech Coordinators will deliver them in person. Mary Elizabeth Ward: Central James Stewart: South Allyson Young: Northwest Barb Markusson: Northeast

Please reference the Device tab in our shared OneNote Folder for your documents and process outline.

Device Selection Checklist

  1. Form a Device Selection Committee (2-3 teachers, 1-2 parents, 1 student, Principal)
  2. Conflict of Interest Form- Filled out by Device Selection Committee
  3. Conflict of Interest Form- Filled out by School Governance Council
  4. Selection Committee will Review and Test Devices in the market place-FCS will provide us with a chance to test the devices
  5. Score devices on a Rubric- We can come to a consensus or average the responses to come to a conclusion.
  6. School Governance Council Vote for our selected devices
  • Must have Conflict of interest signed
  • Selection committee will present our final rubric -scores and recommend device
  • SGC approves recommendation with majority vote

Spring Launch Group 1 PLA

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 9am-3pm

3595 Webb Bridge Road

Alpharetta, GA

Location: Alpharetta HS

The following school teams will work on finalizing their plans:

Alpharetta HS

McClarin HS

Lake Forest ES

Cliftondale ES

Group 2

Important Updates

Next Touchpoint is Design Workshop 2.0

  • School teams will have facilitated planning time to refine their instructional model(s) for personalized learning in year 1.
  • Attendees: Principal and- 4-6 members of school leadership team and lead teachers.

Individual Calendar Invites will be sent to Principals for all future work.

Group 3

Important Updates

School Listening Tours will be conducted in the next over the next month. CALENDAR INVITES ARE BEING SENT OUT THRU OUTLOOK TO CONFIRM ALL FUTURE WORK!

School Listening Tour​

  • Education Elements will visit schools in order to discuss school visions for personalized learning and to assess schools’ readiness to move towards and support a personalized learning model
  • Plan to set aside:
    • One-hour for a conversation with principal and up to five members of your school leadership team.
    • 30-min for a tour of school and classrooms (should be guided by principal or someone from school leadership)
    • 30-min for conversation with 4-6 teachers

Group 4 and 5

Important Updates

Group 4 begins their work in the Spring Semester.

Group 5, in May of 2016.

Please use this time to develop your understanding of Personalized Learning and build a team (of 4-6 folks...principal included) that can act as your design team for Personalized Learning. Access the Personalized Learning Portal (button at the top of this newsletter), for LOTS of information.

***The documents that you need to access from your session at the 9/17 Principal's Meeting are now available by clicking the link below!***

Group 4/5 Principal Meeting Resources

They are available on the right hand side of the Toolkit page.

---------GENERAL RESOURCES------------

Public Personalized Learning Dashboard

Personalized Learning Dashboard

In response to community requests, we have created a dashboard to show where each school is in the process to roll out personalized learning and student devices. Our goal is to provide this information, while also emphasizing that each school is in a different roll out group and is exactly where they should be right now. This will be updated weekly and is based on the attached “checklist” some of you in early groups have seen.

If you have questions or feedback on how we can make the website and dashboard useful communications tools for you please contact

Caitlin Day-Lewis (470-254-6790 or

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