Mrs. Valentin's Class

By Mrs. Valentin's Third Grade Class

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Mrs. Valentin

By Shraviya

Mrs. Valentin is a fun and kind teacher. Mrs. Valentin loves math, even though she wishes we could do science the whole day. Her favorite color is pink and purple. She is also excited when we do a project or a new student comes into class. Mrs.Valentin always encourages us when we are sharing about our differences, and also asks us to give a round of applause for the students or student that is done sharing. Mrs.Valentin is 33 years old and has 2 children. Victor is her son and Opal is her daughter. She also cares for everyone at home and us. Mrs. Valentin is eager to learn new things from us. She knows a lot about women's history month and also a little bit of World War 1 & 2 after learning about that in school. She always tells us about it when we have some of it as morning work. Mrs. Valentin wants us to have a growth mindset in everything we learn. She also wants us to be calm whenever we learn.
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Our Class

By Spruha

Mrs. Valentin”s class is always fun, happy, safe, and excited when a new student comes. They always are helpful. They work hard and try new things, and they are responsible. They are always fun and make jokes when something funny happens; we are also interested in history when we have that topic at morning work. We are encouraging, and we are ready for anything. We never give up. And that is Mrs. Valentin's class.
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By Sourish

In math, in class, we measure the weight of stuff. Mostly we learn about grams and kilograms, and I can tell you things that are grams and kilograms, like a Chromebook weights 1424 grams. We have a non-fiction section of books in class, so we measured the weight of over 50 books.

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By Ayden

Writing is something that students have to do, just like you and me. I am working on opinion writing, and also we made a collection, and we are judging each picture in our collection as a start to opinion writing. Also, last month I worked on fairy tales, and I did the three little mice. Publishers that publish books write books to publish it to the public.

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By Vaishnavi Peram

Mrs. Valentin’s class recently finished fish in the tree for read-aloud. And now we are reading about Hellen Keller. Hellen Keller got sick. Very sick and became deaf and blind. And that book is from the who was series so that you could find it in any library. And for independent reading, first, we read a biography about someone, then after we are finished, we read whatever book we want. And in the library, we are reading Bob. The book is really nice.

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by Addie & Alexa

Inquiry into Equity and Inclusion

In class, we have been working on racism and we also have been reading about racism. It's about your skin color. Your skin color does not matter and it is very important.

Racism is a bad thing. An example is if you are getting bullied for your skin color. And if you are getting bullied for your skin color, I want you to know that your skin color is beautiful the way it is.

One book we read is - The Color of Us by Karen Katz

The Color of Us
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.