The Patriot Press

Volume 5...November 7, 2019

CCA motto: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, preparing hearts and minds to impact the world for Him.

CCA Guiding Principles: We teach 1) Christian Principles and Character, through 2) Christ Centered Academic Excellence, while promoting 3) American Patriotism.

November's Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

Since the CCA November’s character trait is peace, we interviewed a few 3rd grade students on what peace means to them. Sarah says, "Jesus’ love" is what peace means to her. Lexi and Landreigh said, "Being kind unto one another," is what peace means to them. Brynn says, "Peace is when everyone is calm and relaxed."

Author: Kylie Bateman

Parent Reminders

  • No School Friday, November 8th

  • Spirit and Pride gear order forms are due on Friday, November 8th. They can be ordered online at, with the envelope handed out at school, or by calling (800)-854-4452. The school ID is 358279.

  • Parent teacher conferences are on Thursday and Friday. For K4-6th grades, conferences are scheduled with the individual classroom teacher. 7th-12th grade conferences will be in the CCA gym. At least one parent should plan to attend. The conferences on Thursday will be from 3:30-6:00, and on Friday from 8:30-12:00.

  • Veterans day Assembly will be on Monday, November 11th from 8:15-9:00 in the CCA gym. Parents are welcome to attend as well as veterans.

  • Nov. 12 is the WWI field trip for 7-12th grades from 8:30-3pm.

  • Tuition Payment Due Nov. 10 if paying monthly.

  • Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are due Nov. 20.

Auction Meeting Recap

The first auction meeting kicked off on Nov. 5 in the CCA cafeteria. JD Manning, Auction Chairman, opened the meeting in prayer. He explained that even though this is Leap Year the auction will keep tradition and be the last Saturday in February, which is Feb. 29. The auction will be at the Benson Center and even though there are some limitations with space and being able to serve food fast it is the best place for the event.

Parents can sign up for Casserole, Fruit Dessert, Chocolate Dessert, Cheesecake and Breakfast of the month in the CCA Office now. These items sell at the auction for top dollar. Stipulations for these items are: the items must be homemade, items must be delivered to winning bidder on the date they chose, and when signing up to make the food items one must follow through with baking and delivering. All time spent working on making these items goes toward fundraising hours for this or next school year depending on when you sign up.

Auction committee sign up forms are also in the CCA Office. More details about these committees will be mentioned at the next auction meeting. If you would be willing to be a chairman for any of these committees please let JD Manning or the CCA Office know.

We need items! The auction is 16 weeks away from this Saturday. We need 90-100 live items ($250+), 10 top items ($1000+) and 450 silent items (any value). If someone can sit at the auction and look up items on Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. the night of the auction it limits our ability to sell that item over what it is valued for online. We need to focus on experience items (ride to school in a firetruck, principal for the day at CCA, fly in an Apache helicopter, etc.), something that you cannot look up online and put a price tag on. Before asking for an item from a business please check the A-Z book located in the CCA Office. The last thing we want to do is ask the same business over and over for donations to our event.

Once you get a donation, a donation form must be filled out for that item. Whether it is cash, an anonymous donation, or an actual item, without a donation form there is no way to track, label or sell an item without a detailed description of it. I have attached a donation form at the bottom of this newsletter for you to print out. It will also be on our CCA website and Facebook page.

Last year live items were online and it created some new buzz to our event. We take the auction survey seriously and consider your feedback when trying to make the auction better from year to year. Ultimately though, the auction keeps our tuition low and it is a huge witnessing tool for CCA when going out into the community. “This is the one & only fundraising event for CCA. We need all hands-on deck,” exclaimed JD Manning.

Mark your calendar now for the next Auction Meeting, which is December 19 at 6pm and childcare will be provided. Remember to pray regularly for the CCA Auction. Without God this event would not be successful from year to year.

Veteran's Day Assembly set for November 11th

CCA will be hosting a Veteran's Day Assembly on Monday, November 11th in the CCA gym. Parents and any veterans are welcome to attend. During the assembly, winners to the poster and essay contests will be announced, and prizes will be awarded. Veterans will be honored through slideshows, made by the CCA Publications class, and through a symbolic presentation. The CCA band will be playing a few patriotic songs throughout the assembly as well. Please feel free to join us for this very special event!

Author: Molly Briggs

What have kids been learning at CCA this week?

In Spanish, 3rd Grade is learning the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce the letters.

In Concert Band, 7th-9th grade is practicing for their performance at the Veteran's Day assembly.

6th Grade has been working on a tabernacle project the past week.

Volunteer Hour Opportunities

Concession and Gate help are needed for Home Basketball games. Half of your time spent working will go towards regular hours and the other half goes toward fundraising hours. Home basketball games are on the CCA website calendar. Please call the office if you are willing to sign up and work, 660-890-2111.

CCA Service Projects

Operation Christmas Child

CCA is participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year. Operation Christmas Child is where you take a box, decide what age and gender you're making the box for, purchase supplies for personal hygiene or entertainment to go into these boxes, seal them up, and send them away. You can make a box for either a boy or girl and the ages range from 2-4, 5-9, and 10-14. There are some restraints with what you can put into these boxes, but most items are allowed. Some personal care items to include in these boxes would be: hair brushes, toothbrushes, hair bands or clips. Items not to include are: lotions, toothpaste, or any other liquid substances. Within the boxes, one can include small toys, a deflated ball with a device to inflate it, different pieces of clothing, and even a personal note. For other information about what can or cannot go into the boxes, click here. After these boxes are made, you can either drop them off at CCA to be delivered, or see if your local church is participating and drop it off there. Shoe boxes are due to CCA by November 20th.

Project Christmas Cheer

Project Christmas Cheer…the Clinton Samaritan Center has asked CCA for help with a Henry County service event. They need boxes of instant pudding to help feed the needy this winter in Henry County. Your donation will help feed as many as 900 families in and around Clinton. We will have a box at CCA for your donations. Our CCA goal is 1000 boxes of instant pudding. We will collect this from now until 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 2nd. Thank you!

Winter Sports are Underway

This week some of our publications members asked the girls basketball team and Coach Bancroft what they are most excited about for the upcoming basketball season. Audrey Higgins, freshman, says she is most excited for the conferences CCA will be competing in this year. Sarah Mendenhall, 8th grader, says she is excited to improve as a team with her friends. Casia Irick, 7th grader, says she is really excited to block opposing team’s shots. Coach Bancroft says he is excited to have varsity level competition and Christian state school conferences so the team can possibly be a state champion. Coach Bancroft also said he was really excited that Abigail Lewis, a former CCA student, is helping coach the 5th and 6th grade team.

Author: Kylie Bateman

Students in all sports are expected to hold CCA's code of conduct in order to be eligible to play. To read about what this entails, please visit the CCA Student Handbook that you received on Meet the Teacher night.

Sporting Events for November 8-21


  • 7-12th Girl Basketball Practice 12:30-2:30pm
  • Boy Basketball Practice 5-6:30pm


  • Boys Basketball open gym 5-6pm at CCA Gym


  • 7-12th Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-5pm
  • Cheer Practice 3:15-4:15 in Mr. Patterson's Room
  • Boy Basketball Practice 5-6:30pm
  • 5/6 Girl Basketball Practice 6:30-7:30pm at FBC on Jefferson St.


  • 7/8 Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-4:30pm
  • 5/6 Girl Basketball Practice at CCA 3:15-4:15pm
  • Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball Game at Johnson County Christian, bus departs at 3, returns at 8:30, Girls play at 4:30 and Boys play at 6.


  • 7-12th Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-5pm


  • 7/8 Girl Basketball Practice 3-4:30pm
  • Cheer Practice 3:15-4:15pm in Mr. Patterson's room
  • JH Boy/Varsity Girl & Boy Game at Show-Me Christian, bus departs at 3, returns at 9:30, BJH plays at 4:30, GV at 5:30 and BV at 7.


  • 7-12th Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-4pm
  • BJH/GJH/BV Home Game vs. Outreach & South Park; BJH 4:30, GJH 5:30, BV at 6:30pm


  • 7/8 Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-4:30pm
  • Cheer Practice 3:15-4:15pm in Mr. Patterson's room
  • 5/6 Girl Basketball Practice 6:30-7:30pm at CCA
  • BJH/GV/BV Game at Overland Christian School, bus departs at 2:30, returns at 9:40, BJH plays at 4:30, GV plays at 5:30, BV plays at 7.


  • Varsity Girls Basketball practice 3:05-4:30
  • 5/6 Girl Basketball Practice 3:15-4:15 at CCA
  • GJH/BJH Game at Calhoun, bus departs 4:45, returns 8:45, GJH plays at 6, BJH at 7
  • HS Boy Basketball practice 5-6pm


  • 7-12th Girls Basketball practice 3:05-5:00


  • 7/8 Girl Basketball Practice 3:05-4:00
  • Cheer Practice 3:15-4:15pm in Mr. Patterson's room
  • BJH/GJH Game vs. Eldorado; BJH plays at 4:30 and GJH plays at 5:30

CCA Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Wilson, the 5th grade teacher at CCA, has been teaching here for about six and a half years. She says that her favorite part of the school is being able to have Christian fellowship with her students and coworkers. Her favorite part about being a teacher is the students and their families and being a part of their lives. In her free time she enjoys reading and working with her flowers. Mrs. Wilson shared that her favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:1-8 and she made Jesus the Lord of her life in 1965.

Author: Molly Briggs

Club Information


At the October 4-H meeting, members voluntarily drew topics out of a bag. The topics were random and included, “paint a fingernail”, “peel an orange”, “unwrap bubble gum”, and “how to make a paper airplane”, to name a few. Members were to take their topic and present to the group how the task was to be accomplished. After topic presentations, the group played red light, green light. Snacks were served after the game. The members concluded the meeting by discussing what they are going to do for their 4-H projects. The next meeting will be November 22nd from 3-4pm.

Author: Christopher Schell


CCA’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter met on October 31st to discuss their upcoming competition season. The advisers, Robin Ritchie and Michele Lanning, talked to the students about choosing their events and discussed the possibility of doing presentations. New members were filled in about competition and testing dates. The team will be taking part in the district competition in February as well as the state competition later in the year, assuming someone will place. The CCA chapter has high hopes this year as they have had great success in the past with Scott Ferguson being a FBLA National champion.

Author: Molly Briggs

Student Council

The Student Council met on Friday, November 1st to discuss their upcoming Veteran's Day Assembly, which will take place on Monday, November 11th. During the meeting the members decided roles for the white table presentation and finished up the details of the assembly. Overall the student council is very excited to do the assembly and is ready to see you there! Make sure to invite parents and veterans as well.

4th Grade Visits Fort Osage

On Friday, October 25, the 4th grade class visited one of the sites along the Lewis and Clark expedition, Fort Osage, which overlooks the Missouri river. Built in 1808 under the direction of Captain William Clark, Fort Osage served as both a military garrison and a trade center. Authentically attired historical interpreters take visitors on a journey through Fort Osage’s past. I went to visit the 4th graders to ask about their field trip to Fort Osage. A lot of the students enjoyed the field trip and would be eager to go back. Students said they liked raising the flag and learning about the musket. Fort Osage was a fun and educational opportunity for the 4th grade class.

Author: Casia Irick


The past two weeks in chapel we have been watching a video by Jeff Veley. He teaches people how to control their anger, and how to overcome a bully. There are two steps to standing up to a bully according to Veley. The first one is, “ Don’t get upset”, and the second, “Treat them like a friend.” Bullying is a very common problem today in society. It is important to know how to deal with a bully, so that you don’t freak out, or make yourself a target for a bully.

On Friday, November 8th, Jeff Ferguson spoke at Clinton Christian Academy's chapel. Jeff is the preacher at First Baptist Church in Lowry City. He talked about how we can be or become missionaries, and what it takes to be one. Jeff stated that, since we already know the Gospel, we are missionaries already. He also, stated that we cannot share what we do not have, so if you do not know the Gospel, you can not really share it. There are many ways to share the Gospel. One can share the gospel by talking face to face, sending personal letters to someone, or multiple people, or putting up signs for others to see while they are walking, bicycling, or driving. The Bible verse for this chapel was 1 Corinthians 9:22, which states, “To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”

Author: Christopher Schell & Angelina Chavez-Walter

Meet One of Your Newsletter Staff

Molly Briggs is a junior at CCA and will graduate in 2021. Her favorite band is BTS and when she is stressed she needs food. Molly’s favorite snack is cosmic brownies, and her favorite drink is Sunny D. When she is not in school, you can find her playing basketball, playing guitar, or watching TikTok.

Author: Angelina Chavez-Walter