Confucianism vs. Taoism

Differences and similarities


A government founded on Confucian principles would mean the government would be equal.
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How Asian families might feel about Confucius's teachings

Different Asian families would be influenced in different ways depending on how they felt about Confucianism. Certain families might be greatly influenced by Confucianism while other families might not be as influenced

Individual principles/maxims of Confucianism and Taoism

The principles of Confucianism connect together to make an entire way of thinking by being a way of practicing peace unless violence is absolutely necessary.

The principles of Taoism connect together in one very important way of thinking. This important way of thinking stresses humanity's relationship with nature.

Relevance of Taoist principles in today's everyday life

I think Taoist principles are relevant to the issues of everyday life today. This is because if more people cared about their relationship with nature then the earth would not be as bad as it is. People would be more understanding that what they're doing might be hurting the environment. I think Taoism helps people realize that when they hurt the environment with something like pollution that they are effectively harming the human race.
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