Prairie View Elementary Newsletter

May 2021

Principal's Post

Happy Spring!

As our weather warms up and more students begin riding bikes and scooters to school, I'd like to remind you to wear helmets, walk your scooter/bike while on campus, and lock up your bike at the bike racks. Drivers, thank you for driving slowly to ensure our students are safe.

In order to plan for next year’s enrollment, we need to know if your child will attend Prairie View next year. If you are currently living out of our attendance zone or will be moving into another attendance zone this summer, you must complete an open enrollment form if you would like to request for your student to attend Prairie View next year. The open enrollment form can be found on our website or picked up at the district office.

If you do NOT plan to return to Prairie View please call the school office (208-773-8327) as soon as possible. You can also leave us a voicemail over the summer if your plans change.

Thank you!

The Post Falls School District is seeking motivated parents and community members interested in substitute teaching.

  • Qualifications: High school diploma. Applicants should enjoy working with students. Daily rate of pay for substitutes is $100. Half-day rate = $50. Substitute teachers can indicate what school(s) they prefer and the day(s) of the week they are available.
  • Applicants will need to complete an online application and pass the State Department of Education mandated criminal history/background check. The applicant pays the required $35.
  • If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please complete this online application. If you have any questions, please call the District Office at 208-773-1658.

Not sure what you'll be doing May 18? Sign up for your absentee ballot so you can vote in advance from home. For more information regarding our supplemental levy, please visit our district website.

As always, please reach out to your child's classroom teacher with any questions.

Janelle Baker, Principal

Students of the Month: PROBLEM SOLVING

Congratulations to our students of the month! These students displayed problem solving, our character trait focus, throughout the month of April. Way to go! In May we will emphasize creativity.

Mark your calendar!

May 3-7: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12: National School Nurse Day

May 12: Math is Cool Masters Tournament, 3:30 (virtual)

May 18: Levy Election

May 19: PTO Meeting, 3:30 (PVE library)

May 26: 5th Grade Middle School Orientation, 9:15

May 31: Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

For up-to-date information and events, please visit our website or subscribe to our calendar.

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Title Tales: Summer Learning

Summer is right around the corner. Even though children will not be in school during the summer months, learning doesn’t have to end. Curious kids are natural learners and summer is the best time to nurture that curiosity through planning for playful learning.

Let your child’s question guide you. If your child asks why it is light outside at bedtime in the summer but not in the winter, use that opportunity to learn about the season. If you're traveling, stop and read the roadside signs that explain local history or geography.

Summer is a great time to start a collection. The most interesting things are free to collect such as rocks, plants, interesting words, or even pictures. Collecting things, especially in nature, requires that we observe, ask questions, notice small details, sort, and classify. This is the basis of science.

There are many ways to encourage summer reading. Plan to make reading a fun part of your day by reading aloud regularly. You can visit the library, yard sales, or thrift stores for gently used books. Make sure you bring along a book whenever you leave the house. Kids can read at the beach or park, while waiting in line, or even in the car. You can celebrate and motivate your readers by rewarding reading progress. Each time your child reads a book, put a marble or bean in a jar. When it is filled, do a fun summer activity together.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns about your child’s learning. I would be honored to help you find resources to advance your child’s learning over the summer months. I can be reached at or by leaving a message with the office before June 26 or after August 16.

Julie McCoy

Title I Teacher

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Notes From Mrs. Olp

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Monthly Math Minute

Below are some ways parents can help their child with math by making everyday connections:


  • Have your child help design a space such as their room. Discuss perimeter and area.
  • Have your child use grid paper to layout a room. Then have them explain the area and perimeter.


  • Create a project to do with your child. Build something they like (ex. model airplane or dollhouse).
  • Explain tools such as scales, rulers, measuring tapes, calculators, etc.

Adapted from 10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child With Math By Making Everyday Connections, by Mrs. Hansen's Helpfuls

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Counselor's Corner

Please take a moment to provide me with some feedback about my website.

Thank you,

Heather Arnold

PVE Counselor

PVE Counselor Website

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Positive Discipline focus of the month: Creating a Cool Down Space


  • To help children understand their brains don’t function well when they are upset. They learn the value of taking time to calm down until their brains are functioning in a way that is helpful instead of hurtful.
  • To teach children how to self-regulate and to have a safe place to practice self-regulation skills.


  • Just knowing there is a place to take a breath and get calm can reduce a child’s stress.
  • After using the space children are able to engage in problem solving.
  • The process is respectful because children are involved participants in creating the space and using it to help themselves feel better, so they can do better.

Involve children in creation of the Cool Down Space

  • Invite children to create a name (Hawaii, Cool Out, Mars, Happy Place, Alaska etc.)
  • Let children help design the area
    • Where will it be? (child’s room, playroom, corner of family room, etc.)
    • Decorate or make a poster to identify the space.
    • Add visuals to support student understanding feelings and ways to self-regulate.
  • Let children help design a Cool Down Space Kit.
    • What are things we could put there that would help you feel better? (Books, stuffed toys, pillows, quiet music, headphones, squishy ball, fidgets, coloring, noise canceling headphones, glitter jar, a sand timer, etc.)


At a calm time, practice what it will be like to go to the Cool Down Space to feel better.

Email me if you would like a list of additional resources.

Adapted from

Coach Loveall's Site - PE News

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May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

  • Speech Language Pathologists have a large scope of practice; some of the areas that we diagnose and treat include what is mentioned in the graphic to the right.
  • The areas that we can treat can span from birth to the geriatric population. SLPs can work in a variety of settings, such as schools, pediatric in patient/ICU/NICU within the hospital, pediatric outpatient (private practice or outpatient connected to a medical center), adult inpatient/ICU within the hospital, adult outpatient (private practice or outpatient connected to a medical center), or skilled nursing facilities, among others.
  • SLPs in the school setting provide services such as social communication, receptive-expressive language, and articulation.

Mercedes DeMartini
Speech/Language Pathologist
Prairie View Elementary

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Hello Parents!

The week of May 3rd-7th is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! Every year we honor Prairie View’s hard-working, dedicated teachers and their outstanding support staff! It is a time to say thank you and to show gratitude for all the time and effort they have put into our children’s education. We are planning a week of special surprises and we would like your help! Choose a day or two (or all five!) for you and your student to participate and show our teachers and staff that they are loved and appreciated!

Monday- You make us BLOOM!

Bring your teacher or staff their favorite flower (fresh, fake or hand-drawn) or something with a floral print.

Tuesday- Teachers are NOTEWORTHY!

Write your teacher or staff a note to explain how they have impacted your life this year.

Wednesday- SUPPLY them with THANKS!

Pick up any supplies your teacher might be running low on for your class (pencils, erasers, glue, markers, etc.)

Thursday- My teacher is a TREAT!

Treat your teacher or staff to their favorite snack, candy, or beverage (Store-bought only please! No peanut products please.)

Friday- THANKS are in the CARDS!

Bring your teacher or staff a small gift card for a restaurant, coffee stand, or local store.

Thanks for making this a fun week for our teachers and staff! Please join us at our next PTO meeting on May 19th at 3:30. We are looking for people who want to become involved next year.


The Prairie View PTO

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Looking ahead to June...

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Summer GAP

Summer is fast approaching! If you are in need of child care during the summer, GAP will be open. This is a first for the GAP program and we are looking forward to having kids with us over the summer. If you are interested, below are some quick facts with a link to more information and the registration form:

  • We will be located at Ponderosa elementary
  • We are open 6:30AM -6PM
  • A new registration form and current immunizations are required
  • Summer meals, breakfast and lunch are available through the school food service summer program
  • This is not a drop in program -- we are looking for students that will spend the summer with us
  • If needed we can credit up to 2 weeks for your vacations
  • ICCP will be accepted
  • The registration form is embedded within the linked document below
  • We are limiting to 70 kids total
  • Admission to the program is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • If you already filled in a summer registration form you do not need to do it again

You can bring the registration form along with current immunizations to the GAP site at your child's school, to the GAP office at 205 W. Mullan or email it to both and

Summer GAP program information and registration

Thank you and we look forward to a fun summer!