Distance Task

Group Norms

One person in the group should make a copy of the google doc template.

Share it with me via email

Name it "b1distancetask"

Put the names of the group members that are completing each role into each individual section on the google

Help all group members complete their roles

Communicate with your group members - ask them questions about clarification you may need on your role

Ask any other questions in the "comments" section of your google doc

Google Earth

Search 0,0 so that the first two numbers are zero's in the coordinates

Pin 2 original points on google earth (yellow pin)

Label "A(4, 5)"

Pin all intersection points - change color of pin (you will need one going from first original point to second and back to original point)

Label these "IP A-B (5, 6)" or whatever two letters it's between and the ordered pair of the IP

Take a screen shot and insert it into the google doc

Make an organized list of routes used on the google doc under the picture that you inserted


From _______ to ________

Total Distance

Show how to find the distance of each using correct mathematical notation (ordered pairs, absolute value)

Add all distances together to get a total distance (you should have 4 distances


Decide on a percentage of the distance that you want to find

Write the situation

Write the question

Write the translation



How would I find distance between 2 diagonal coordinates without an intersection point?

What is happening in diagonal distance that does not happen between the x and y coordinates?

In the problem 0.5x =20 why doesn't it make sense to just divide 20 by 0.5?

Would I ever need an intersection point for the true diagonal distance?

Why or why not?