Tsunami in Japan (2011)


A tsunami is a long and high wave caused by earthquakes, landslides and other disturbances. The 2011 tsunami was created by a magnitude 9 earthquake. This happened on March 11th.

How Canada is involved

Canada helped a lot with the tsunami. They sent supplies like sleeping kits and emergency relief kits. Accompanied by blankets. They also sent 896 medical teams that treated over 87 000 patients. These treatments are still going on.


There is lots that needs to recover. The damages are not done being fixed. It is unlikely to be recovered for at least a decade (10 years). All sorts of things need to be fixed/replaced. Things that need to be repaired are cars, boats, homes, and other thing like that.

Effects of the Tsunami

Lots of people were hurt or killed because of the tsunami. More than 18 000 people died. Most died from drowning. Lots died within an hour of the tsunami. 6 107 people were injured. Lots of people are still missing.
Tsunamis are a whole bunch of waves. They are usually caused by underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides. Tsunamis can be as fast as 805 km (500 miles) per hour. They are almost as fast as a jet.

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