What's New at 610 Henry?

A message from your BNS/BCS unity committee

Our Final Newsletter of the Year

Dear 610 Henry Families,

This is our final newsletter of the year. We are so proud of all of the work that our students, staff and families accomplished together this year. We had regular collaboration between BNS and BCS classrooms, worked together to get some of the highest opt out numbers in the city, joined together in a partnership with BAX to expand our arts programming and so so much more.

Next year we are also happy to report that about 1/3 of our incoming BCS 6th grade will be made up of BNS students!

We look forward to watching this work unfold further next year,

Amanda and Amy

Celebrating the End of the Year

This year BCS joined BNS in celebrating the end of the year with hugs, some tears and some watermelon in the yard. Sharing in this final event is just one example of the ways we've built unity as a school this year.
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Reflections at the 8th grade promotion ceremony

Olayinka Spellman had been in our building since kindergarten and will be staying with us for high school next year. Last week at the 8th grade promotion ceremony she had this to say about her experience:

Good Morning Students, faculty, and families. We are here today to celebrate the great work of the class of 2019. As a student body we exemplify the BCS core values of Kindness, Courage, Open Mindedness, Responsibility and Persistence. Everyone of these characteristics are vital to becoming a successful leader in the future. I have always believed that someone becomes who they are not only because of how they were raised but also because of the experiences they’ve had and what they are exposed to.

BCS is a unique learning environment that provides students with opportunities to foster positive relationships with their teachers. These bonds help increase trust and respect in the classroom. Every teacher I’ve had here at BCS has left a positive impact that has helped me to develop into the person I am today. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I knew I could come after school to speak with my teachers one on one and plan how I would improve. If ever I felt like there was any material I didn’t understand, I wasn’t afraid to email my teachers for clarification. Throughout middle school, I have truly learned how to advocate for myself, which is something that I struggled with.

I have become a determined outgoing risktaker with the core value of courage as a helping hand. The courage I have acquired here has also become something that has positively benefited my life outside of school. I have learned to embrace all parts of myself; I have been taught and continue to believe that you should be who you are. This school celebrates individuality, helps create an awareness of the outside world and encourages each student to fight social injustice. When the words, “I can’t breath,” echoed from every computer screen, BCS put a loudspeaker to it. We dove into the issues of stereotypes, biases, institutional standards and turned them on their heads. From battling back high stakes testing to fighting racial inequality, BCS is like no other. In 8th grade ELA we explored current case studies of racial injustice and our own ethnic identity. Through these studies I began to think deeply about who I am as a young black person. They say if you want to hide something from a black person put it in a book… so I read plenty. I won’t let the color of my skin allow people to think they know me. I won’t let myself or my woes create broken links in my race. Black and stupid are often cuffed together so I use knowledge as the key to free myself and the future of my people. I am black, but I wish I could be blacker so I can shock people even more. I run to the sun, so I can brown some more. Southern black girl breaking out the box ya ‘eard?

I feel as if I could potentially be the first female President and this school allows me the space to do so. For that, I say thank you to my home and school family.

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Our First Ever Cosplay Cafe

BCS students in the anime club organized a cosplay cafe that was open to our whole community. Over 75 guests came to learn more about anime and sample Japanese cuisine. Here are a few pictures from the event. They are looking forward to this becoming a yearly tradition.

7th grade students share their graphic novels

Each spring 7th graders wrap up the year in their ELA writing class with a graphic novel study. Students all write and publish their own unique graphic novel. This year they shared these stories with students throughout the building - from elementary through high school.

Our BAX Partnership

As you probably already know, this year BNS and BNS partnered up to write a grant to bring additional BAX arts programming to our school building. Through this partnership we were able to expand the arts opportunities offered in both school. BCS 6th graders had the opportunity to work closely with BAX artists in conjunction with their electives this spring. Additionally, 5th and 6th graders partnered up for a musical theater after school program. Both groups rocked their performances at the BCS Spring Arts Showcase last month. Check out this video of how BAX helped us bring arts into Magen's 6th grade Spanish class.
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Math Games

In June, in middle school at BCS, regular programming stops so that students can participate in "intensives." These month -long projects give students the opportunity to explore one topic in depth, get out of the building even more (something that is very welcome in our sticky building) and have a final opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the content covered during the school year. This year select students worked to create math based board games during the month of June. After their games were completed they invited BNS students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to come try out the games. The games were a huge hit!