Montana Catholic Schools Weekly

November 2, 2014

Living Our Mission

One of our best-kept secrets is the volunteer programs which support our mission to proclaim the Good News. Each of the three programs attracts young people to service and intentional community. These recent college grads devote a year or two to serving the Church alongside other committed missionaries.

In the process of giving back to the Church they learn about themselves. Some are heading to medical school next year, others are discerning a vocation to the priesthood, and still others are figuring out their uncertain futures. And some stay to continue teaching. Our Indian schools are filled with former volunteers who are committed to the mission of serving this underserved population.

We benefit from the excellent service of these 18 volunteers. These volunteers might provide interesting fodder for a "pen pal" program for one of your classes. Or they might be a target for one for one of your classes to send "thank you" notes.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest has been committed to Catholic Schools in Montana for many, many years. This year, they supply 14 volunteers at 4 different locations all of which were once Jesuit outposts. (

The Lasallian Volunteers have been serving at De La Salle Blackfeet school in Browning for a few years. The volunteers have been working with the De La Salle brothers establishing the great school there. This year, they have two volunteers. (

The Capuchin Corps is relatively new to Montana. Working alongside the Capuchin (Franciscan) friars on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations, the Cap Corps has plans to find at least 5 volunteers for St. Labre Indian School. They currently have 2 volunteers. (

These are amazing programs. Do you know any college students who might be interested?

Dr. Tim Uhl

The Week Ahead

Monday: office (Helena)

Tuesday: St. Matt's (Kalispell)

Wednesday: De La Salle (Browning)

Thursday: St. Paul's (Hay's, MT)

Friday: office (Helena) & football game (TBA)

This week: 1008 miles

Last week: 2812 miles

This year: 11,804 miles

Catholic School Developments

Plans for closing, merging, and consolidating Catholic schools have been announced lately. In Rockford, they are studying their options

In Chicago, they are closing a few schools:

In New Orleans, they are also closing a few schools:

However, in Camden, they have hope:

International Programs

Several schools have been recruiting international students and several more have expressed interest in recruiting more. At last week's superintendent's conference, a company presented their recruiting strategies as well as their "homestay" division. Check out their website:

Sexual Abuse

I've placed links here before about reporting obligations under Title IX. Protecting our students and specifically, protecting the accusers, is part of our responsibility and will continue to grow in importance. In Kansas City, this issue has emerged:

A reminder of our obligations:

Great Falls Update

The Great Falls Study Commission is schedule to meet on November 13th. The study commission is charged with studying the realities of our Great Falls Catholic schools. Each school has been asked to provide its pastor, its principal, 1 staff member, and 2 members of its advisory council.

While the first meeting is designed for the 15 participants, the subject matter will not be secret. The minutes will be published and every member will be asked to bring back information to their communities.

There is no conspiracy; there is no agenda. Bishop Warfel has asked for the schools to study themselves to see if there are ways to work together in the face of enrollment and financial challenges. My hope is we can see cooperation as the model (instead of competition) and that we can come up with solutions that will allow us to serve the most students possible.

Positive Post-it Day