Illustrated by David Wiesner

Caldecott Award Criteria

  • A picture book that provides a visual experience for children
  • The plot/story is developed through the illustrations
  • Children are the intended audience and their skill levels and understandings are considered
  • Independent from other media such as sound or video
  • Excellent in quality, conspicuous, and distinct

Why I would choose Flotsam for the Caldecott award

Flotsam is a picture book containing no text. The story is told completely through the use of the illustrations. It more than meets the criteria requiring the illustrations to help develop the plot line. The illustrations create a clear story that is easily interpreted even with the absence of text. This book can easily be read by any child because there are no words and it allows for the use of imagination. Each illustration contains excellent detail and a variety of colors that will appeal to the young reader, creating a positive visual experience. David Wiesner uses a unique style in his art that stands out from other picture books. The organization of the images guides the eye through the story with lots of enticing plot on each page.
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