Heads Up

By Brooklynn Olson

Posting something you didn't want to.

If you post something you didn't mean to you can't take it back.

Posts you think you deleted

If you think you deleted a post, you actually didn't delete it because once it's on there it's on there forever.


Online people might copy your picture or comment and tell an adult about what you or someone else posted and they could report it.

Unknown Emails

Be aware of emails with links to websites that you don't know cause it could be attached to a virus.

Unknown Texts, Emails ,and Calls

If you get a unknown message, email or call you should probably tell your parents.


Some Apps have in-app purchases and the people who made that app can charge you a lot by just playing a game.
Child Focus 'E-safety'

Is it safe

If you find a site that you don't think is safe, it probably isn't safe. So if you want to make sure it is safe there is usually a lock up in the corner it. If the site was safe is would be green and locked and if it wasn't safe it would red and unlocked.