By: Brianna Murphy, Hour 5


Recycling what is it? Well Recycling is when you take

Paper or Cardboard, or Plastic all kinds even Hard Plastic & lots of Plastic Bags, or Glass Bottles and Jars, or Metal all kinds of metal, and you brake them down back into what they started from, and reuse them.

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Why should you recycle, well you need to recycle, because it helps the earth stay clean. Recycling helps save energy too. It's easy to do and fun, you could get with a group of friends and start a recycling team.
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Well this happens because people throw there trash on the ground and in the oceans, and no one picks it up. So there is trash every were and it just stays there. People don't care what happens to it.

What can I do to help:

Well you can save Energy By turning of Lights or turning off the T.V. this can save more energy than you think. You could also separate your trash, it sounds weird but it's really easy. These are some of the thing you could do but there are loads of other ways to Help.

What can I say to Remember to Recycle?

Well this is how you can remember.

This is what you can say, it's like a slogan for you to remember.

"Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle!"