A Beautiful Getaway!

About Belize

Belize is a beautiful country that has many different traveling options that include beaches, trails, rainforests, and Ancient Ruins. Belize is definitely a must go destination for a getaway adventure. People come for the spectacular Carribean beaches which provide absolutely beautiful ways to get away by the beach.

Background Information

The capital of Belize is Belmopan with a population of 16,451 which in fact is not the most populated city in the country even though it's the capital, the largest city is Belize City with a population of 61,461, second is San Ignacio with a population of 16,812, third largest is Orange Walk with 15,298, and lastly Cayo with 13,381.

Flag & Coat of Arms

The flag is blue in the middle and on the top, on the bottom there is red, and incircling the two people are a white background. In middle there are two people. One dark skin the other one light skin. In all the flag is red blue and white. And it says, "Sub Umbra Floreo."
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Britain was the ruler of Belize and was named British Honduras. Then the territory was granted full internal self-government under a ministerial system. That meant that the territory could run itself but most of its foreign affairs was controlled by Britain. But on September 21, 1981 Belize finally gained full independence. This shows that this country is very historically rich, which makes it a great destination. Belize official language is English.
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Geographical Information

Belize has the Caribbean Sea as one of the seas it contains. This makes Belize a very popular destination for travel. The beaches and scenery provide an amazing place to unwind and relax. Scuba diving is also one of the most popular activity's because of the beautiful water and coral reefs.

Bellize River

The Belize River is a very important and beautiful River that is 290 km (180mi). The River is used for trade and travel to Chile and is very good for capturing scenery.
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Political Information

Type of Government

The government for Belize is a Commonwealth Parliamentary Democracy. This means that power lies in a certain amount of citizens that are able to choose other electives.
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Economic Information

The currency of Belize are the Belize dollar. One Belize is .50 US cents. The economic system is basically a Private Enterprise Economy. This system more simplified is a Capitalist system.
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Tourist Information

Why should people visit?

People should come to Belize because the country is right on the Caribbean Sea so not only is the water beautiful and warm it's a friendly community. The views are also a must see if you're planning to make a trip.

What should tourist see and do?

  • -The tourists should come and see the Mayan ruins because of its many beautiful views and stunning architecture It is the perfect destination to have a good hike and the Sea for relaxation.
  • -People should come and see the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a great location to come and see Belize's wildlife.
  • People should come and see The Great Blue Hole Of Belize because this is the deepest see hole in the world so it would be a great stop on your vacation.