The 1:1 iPad Classroom

How to Manage and Make the Most of Your iPads

1:1 Device Management

1:1 Device Management

Every student has an iPad in their hands! AHHHH! What do you do now?

First, let's think. What will iPads in YOUR classroom look like? Will the iPads be in student hands all day? Will you have built in "down time"? What will homework look like?

Here are some things to think about....I encourage you to write out your iPad management plan. It will make it more concrete for you and more attainable for your students if it is in writing.

1. When students enter the classroom, what do they do with their devices first thing? Do they have something to complete on their device as soon as they come in? Do they submit their homework? Do they answer a daily question or prompt?

2. What language are you using and is it consistent? Apple Up and Apple Down are our chosen go to language. Teach your students that Apple Up is no apps, no iPad time. Apple Down means they should be working!

3. What happens to your iPads at lunch or recess? Will you collect them and lock them up? Will students put them in their desks? Will they go in book bags? Do you have a set way to communicate this with your students?

4. How will you transport your iPads to Specials and back? Will each student carry their own? Will the iPads be put in a crate and carried to the Media Center? Who will be in charge of this and who will bring them back to the classroom? The crate is probably pretty heavy - is this a concern?

5. What is your end of the day procedure? How do students record their homework? Is this an end of the day task or an after lunch task? When do students power down before getting on the bus or in the car rider line? Do students know and understand that iPads should stay in their book bags until they get home? There are no iPads out on the bus or in the car rider line. They are a distraction in both places.

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Below you will find some resource links to help you get started in the 1:1 iPad Classroom. Each is a clickable link that will take you to an article of interest and value.