Welcome to Earth!!!!!

For traveling aliens By Molly VanBeelen

Three ways to split up the Earth

  • Climate- If your closer to the North or South Pole it will be colder than being near the equator where it is hotter.
  • Time zones- There can be an up to 12 hour difference, behind or ahead,depending on where you are compared to a different place.
  • Continents- The 7 continents-North America,South America,Africa,Australia,Asia,Europe,Antarctica. When you visit Earth you will find we split up the Earth 7 ways, with only 6 landmasses.
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Significent physical features of the earth

Features of the Earth:Oppurtunities

Mt.Everest: Hiking,Specific crops can be grown on the mountain

The Hawaiian Islands: Warm weather,Human recreation, Resources

Pacific Ocean: Exporting,Transportation-Boats

Features of the Earth: Obstacales

Mt.Everest: Hard to farm,volcanoes

The Hawaiian Islands:Tsunamis,sharp coral

Pacific Ocean: Flooding,high winds,typhoons,no fresh water

Places to visit!

You should visit the breathtaking ,Mt.Everest where climbing the monster shows you are a dare devil at heart and you cant believe your eyes at the top. Hawaii is a paradise where you can bathe in the sun and swim in the crystal waters, and the sunsets on the beach reminds you it is paradise.
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Packing List!

When visiting Hawaii bring a swimsuit to swim in and of course sunscreen just to make sure you don't get the dreadful case of sun poisoning. When visiting a mountain, especially Mt.Everest BRING mountain climbing gear and just to be safe,a first aid kit if you fall off the mountain to your doom. Have fun and enjoy wonderful Everest and Hawaii.

Travel tips

In Hawaii wear sunscreen when out and although its pretty i"m sorry to say,DON'T get close to the LAVA! You don't wanna look like Darth Vader. On Everest DON'T fall off the mountain! Oh! And watch out for Green Boots!!!!!!