The Roommate

In need of a good roommate?

If you are looking for a new dorm roommate, please read!


My name is Abby and I am in need of a dorm. That being said, I am in need of someone who is willing to accept me as a new roommate.

I enjoy playing volleyball, watching tv, listening to music, and spending my days on Netflix. I love meeting new people and trying new things. I really like food and I will always have a secret stash of junk food that we can share.

I am on my way to getting my Major in Biology to become a surgeon later in life. My studies are very important to me so making sure I can have privacy and time for my school work is ideal.

I am very neat. I refuse to let things get dirty and unorganized. I believe everything has a specific place it must go and I always put things back. I love cleaning to relieve stress, and in my spare time I clean as well. I can guarantee that you will never meet a cleaner roommate in your life.

My personality can be too much at times, but there are times I don't show my personality at all. I am a very upbeat and honest person. I stay out of drama and mind my business. I fight for what I want or believe in. I am a Christian, but I am not as religious as you think. I am very serious when it comes to my school work, but I love to have fun when I have time off.

I am very responsible and I do what I am told. I am very dependable and would expect the same from a roommate. I am flexible with schedules and compromising. I am respectful and will never ruin anything that isn't mine.

Thank you!