Ancient Greece

By Luke Beyer


I learned a lot about Ancient Greece. My first topic was The Beginning of Ancient Greece. My second topic was The Various Types of Government. My third topic was Slavery in Ancient Greece. I now know Ancient Greece is Extremely weird.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

The beginning of Ancient Greece was between 1900 and 1600 B.C. There language shows that they're a Indo European speaking people. The people who lived there stayed in cities and palaces. The Greek Invaders destroyed and conquered the Aegean cities. The Greek Invaders conquered the people who lived in cities and palaces.

The Various Types of Government

There was 4 different various types of government in Ancient Greece. 1st was monarchy which is ruled by kings and queens. 2nd was oligarchy which is ruled by a few landowning wealthy landowning or well born people. But the rivalry between the people was still huge. The 3rd was tyranny. The 4th was Archon or also called Democracy. Ancient Greece were the first to ever have a democracy in the world.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery in Ancient Greece wasn't as bad as some other places but still really bad. Most of the population was slaves. When a city was conquered most often the people conquered were sold as slaves. Barbarians kidnapped non Greek men and women and sold them as slaves. Most slaves got paid a little bit so they had a chance at freedom.


I learned a lot of weird stuff about Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece is weird. There weird because they don't vote on things usually.


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