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1.mesopotamia is located in Iraq and part or Syria.Tigris and Euphrates.Mesopotamia mean so land between the rivers


3. The climate in Mesopotamia is hot but with a lot of rain,

4.The Present day Country would be Iraq

5. The miles between Elm City and Baghdad is 7113.19 Miles



1.Akkadiain, Hammurabi,Hittites,Mittannian Empire Kassites,Assyrians

2.Urban Revolution New Political and Military Structures, Social Structure based on economic power,The Development of complex technology,Devolopment of writing, Distint Religious Structure, New Forms of artist and cultural activity

3. If you broke the law,and you were guilty you would be punished

4.) 1. If any ensnare another and cannot prove should be put to death.2.if any one steal should be put to death.3. If anyone commit robbery shall be put to death.4.A Field or a garden or house can not be sold.5. If anyone steal the ruin the son of another, he shall be put to death

5.Gilgamesh was a god one day he was bored and he was looking for a fight since nobody couldn't beat him.So he went to the ziggurat to join his people prayer.Gilgamesh prayed for something fun.The Gods quickly created a wild man stronger and faster than him so they fought they went all over town knocked down house and The god left town.


1. They grew important crops like barley in a land without much rain and limited of water.

2.irrigation water it leaves behind minerals salts attempts are made to drain off the water and it flows through the soil quickly.

3.Mesopotamia ate to meals a day except for the rich most people ate in leaved bread and large amounts of beers

4.because settlers began to build cities along the banks of Euphrates and Tigris rivers and vegetation kept them fed

5.You have to flood your field,run the plough through it to break it up,drop seeds into the ground,water your field three times,crops are ripe cut the barley gather it take it to the house.

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1.Hanging gardens of Babylon , Temple Of Artemis, Colossus Of Rhodes, Lighthouse Of Alexandria, Pyramid Of Giza, Maarten Van Heemskerck, Statue Of Zeus At Olympia

2. The Wheel, The Sailboat, The First Written Laws, Chariots. they Were Important Because They Had First Written Laws And They Built There Own Things.

3. Cuneiform is a language.Ancient Mesopotamia Made

4.These are Mesopotamia classes .Priests, Upper && Lower Classes, Slaves

5. Ziggurats were temples.Ancient people believed in powerful gods.They built huge structures called ziggurats ,with steps climbing up to the top

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