President Needed!

Are you fit to be the next United States president?

Constitutional requirements

1. Natural born citizen

2. At least 14 year residency in the United States

3. Must be at least 35 years old

Benefits of the job!

Powers of the president

•Commander in Chief

•Commission all military officers of the United States

•Make treaties with advice and consent of the Senate

•Receive ambassadors

•Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, Supreme Court Justices

•Grant pardons and reprieves.

•Deliver the annual State of the Union address

•Call either or both houses of Congress into special session

•Ensure that all laws passed by Congress are carried out

•Appoints heads of executive departments

Commander in Chief is the most important of these powers because the president has control over military actions. He or she will be the lead of the military which is a big power for one person to have.

Skills needed for the job

  • Ability to make good and effective decisions that benefit the majority.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts in a calm, easy manner.
  • Communication skills are very important. The president must be able to communicate with a variety of people while getting the point across in a clear way.
  • The ability to be trusted by the people of the United States.
  • Ability to negotiate with large numbers of people.
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Roles of president

  1. Party Leader- The president will campaign for the party in which he or she belongs (Democratic, Republican, ect.) and work to get other people of their party in to more government positions.
  2. Commander in Chief- Although the president is not in the military, he or she shall lead the military by acting as the chief.
  3. Chief Executive- Has power to override laws, but does not make them. People under the president will carry out the laws.
  4. Chief of State- The president will be the representative of the United States at events.
  5. Chief Diplomat- The president will negotiate foreign policies with other nations and their leaders.
  6. Chief Legislature- This empowers the president to promote his or her ideas on laws to Congress and the public.