The Outsiders Soundtrack

By Michael I. Per. 6

The Outsiders

The book The Outsiders is a story about a gang and its hardships such as fights, accusations, and even deaths. In the story we look into the life of Ponyboy Curtis, a young gang member that is faced with many ordeals. In the end, however, he learns what it means to be yourself.

The Soundtrack

With every great novel, there is a great soundtrack to set the atmosphere. Here are five songs that make The Outsiders feel real.

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

This song has a very somber feel to it, but also has a energetic feel to it. Also, the lyrics make you think of a betrayal after the person thought they loved the betrayer. In The Outsiders, Sodapop feels betrayed after Darry and Ponyboy fight in the end of the book. Sodapop feels angry just like the singer in the song.

Counting Stars by One Republic

This song fits into the soundtrack because it has a connection to The Outsiders because of Ponyboy's dream. In the song, the singer is talking about living his dream. In the story, Ponyboy is dreaming of living in the country, away from the fighting.

Skyfall by Adele

This song would fit perfectly in The Outsiders soundtrack because it makes you think of murder. After Ponyboy gets jumped for the second time in the story, Johnny makes a move and kills the Soc that jumped Pony. The lyrics in the song, like "Let the Sky fall. When it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all together" makes you think of a murder and how it changes lives. The murder of the Soc changes Ponyboy's life because he, Johnny, and Dally are forced to run away from the cops.

Let it Be by The Beatles

This song has a feeling of peace and belief about it. In the song, when the singer has troubles, he gets help from believing. In the book, Ponyboy has many troubles, but when he finds a message from Johnny in his copy of Gone With the Wind telling Ponyboy to be himself. After he reads the message, he is happy again. This song would fit nicely in this part of the book.

We Can Work it Out by The Beatles

In the song, the singer obviously has troubles that he thinks can be worked out. In the book, Ponyboy is having troubles with his brother Darry. Pony often thinks that Darry hates him, but all Darry is doing is protecting him. In the ending of the song, the singer says that life is too short to fight and that there is no time for fussing.