N&N Bakery

Can't wait to see you here!

Our bakery sells the best desserts in town!

Here at N&N Bakery our selections range from cupcakes, pies, cookies, specialty ordered cakes, and many other items. We also offer cake decorating classes, baking classes, and we host decorating parties.

What type of business are we?

N&N Bakery is a partnership. Our business is shared between two sisters, Nina and Natalie Owens. We chose this business type because we both had great ideas to put into a bakery and we both have good management skills. The advantages to having a partnership are being able to share ideas, it is easier to establish the business, and you have more chances to get money to improve the business. Our business type will overcome certain disadvantages by making sure we are open to eachothers ideas, making sure we work out finances together and always together, and if we decide to split the business or add more partners we do this properly.

How do we treat our employees?

Our employees are very important to us. We want to be able to listen to all their concerns and help the workplace be as enjoyable as possible. We want to do this by having meetings every two weeks to address any employee concerns and to go over any new policies. We also want the employees to come to us personally with any concerns. We reward our employees with breaks during the work day and discounts on product and services. Our business will not be open to labor unions because we feel that there won't be enough reason nor people to create a labor union. We also think it will be unnecessary stress. As stated before workers will have every option to voice their opinion whether it be directly to us or in a meeting when be address concerns and hear ideas from employees.

N&N Bakery Goes Green!

As we all know pollution is a big issue plaguing the country. We would like to share with you how be contribute to keeping the environment clean and how we fight waste.

  • We use biodegradable cupcake liners and cake boxes to insure our waste stays out of the landfills and back into the earth.
  • We have multiple recycling bins in our bakery which are properly sorted and taken off weekly.
  • We have touch sensor faucets in the kitchen to prevent water waste.
  • We also order many of our fresh products locally and organically.